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  tdawg91  |  17

Yeah we fired a girl at my work recently because she was rude as hell and terrible at her job. She accused my boss of firing her because he was "afraid she was going to take his job"

  imyy  |  20

You should never have to ask for a raise. Ideally, if they notice your hard work AND the company can afford it, they will give you a raise. If they fired OP, the most likely explanation is OP wasn't a good employee. Or, there is also the possibility they could just be assholes in which case OP is better off.


Don't feel too bad OP, I went in to ask for a raise at my old job and the very next day, I got fired because the company didn't have enough work for all the employees. In reality the boss was a cokehead and the company was imploding. Now I have a great job making much more than I could have asked for there. Good luck OP.

By  WellThatWasRude  |  27

Have you been working there for a long time? If you have and you were working hard, then it's the company's loss for firing you. Good luck on finding a new job and keep working hard!