By butisavedyourkid - 06/06/2013 04:13 - United States

Today, I rescued a little boy who looked like he was drowning in a public pool. His mother then smacked me in the face for "touching him". FML
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You're a hero in my eyes OP. Hope she apologised after you explained the situation.


friedpwnadge 25

Shoulda smacked her back, assault is assault and self defense is duly justified.

Murilirum 23

You're my hero for the day :p

I was a camp counselour when I was younger. Just because I'm a guy, they automatically freak put on you. No way to get around it. Just yell at her for "touching you".

groovycrazyjoe 18

@1 why push her in because he wasn't minding his business. Some people teach their kids that way.

You're a hero in my eyes OP. Hope she apologised after you explained the situation.

If it wasn't for a guy like OP, I would have drowned when I was 5 years old. He got a hug from my mother instead of a slap. I guess people weren't aware of pedophiles then as they are now. You did good OP. I hope this woman's response doesn't stop you from helping another child in the future.

I don't think a woman like that would accept the situation.

lollypop30001 19

Yeah, op is probably going to get a letter from the mom's lawyer so she can milk every last drop of this.

bombroot 9

But look it at her point of view Every one nowadays hears a story where a kid is hostaged or molested and she maybe a caring mom But DO NOT EVER slap any one in front of your son because he will get trust issues But I still think she should've talked to you first

#3 please tell me you are not just figuring this out! If you are just figuring this out... Scary doesn't even begin to describe it

Technically OP didnt say he WAS drowning, OP said he looked like he was drowning, ive seen some kids horseplay at the pool that made it look like they were drowning maybe the mother knew he was just playing around...... Who knows.

People like this get me so angry. I wouldn't be surprised if OP were to smack her back

Most parents seem crazy now, how on Earth can she not be grateful for that?

Perhaps it was the mother's master plan to not be a mother anymore and OP ruined it.

Drown her and save her so she can accuse you of 'touching' her

Hi! Welcome TO planet Earth! Over here we do not such senseless acts, hope you understand and welcome!

The kids mother must be a fire bender to accuse a hero of such evil!

People need to actually listen before they act out on what they "think" happened.

challan 19

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perdix 29

#11, interesting theory. May I propose an alternative? The mother is a Three Stooges fan and just likes smacking people. We can't know whether Moe was abused as a child -- he could have just been a nasty prick!

Oooor, she's like every other mombie whose universe revolves around their startlingly-average child and thinks that anything less than a shower of praise is an insult to their precious Snowflake. Or in this case, because OP didn't gently ask, "would you like to stop drowning? Whenever you're ready dear; we'll move at your pace," it's clearly threatening.