By Dan223 - 01/10/2015 13:26 - United States

Today, I saw my dad for the first time in almost five years, at his funeral. FML
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Like in the walking dead, right? "The dead still live?"

born_hustla 26

Sad! Hope you had some good memories!

Redoxx_fml 22

Kindof insensitive don't you think?

I think he was implying that maybe op didn't have a good relationship with his dad. They didn't see each other for five years because of that and probably don't have any good memories.

Redoxx_fml 22

"Sad!" How is that in any way a sensitive thing to say?

Lets not fight. Op will not want to read it. I think we wll feel bad for you op!

christinamarie17 29

......because the situation is a depressing one? The "sad!" Wasn't meant to be malicious or sarcastic; it's simply stating the fact that this kind of thing is literally sad.

Redoxx_fml 22

I didn't say it was malicious or sarcastic I said it was insensitive. "Sad!" Is in no way a proper response to someone's dad dying

Redgy22 26

same thing happened to me. We lived 3000 miles apart. I couldn't visit as often as I would have liked. Op doesn't say whe he hadn't seen his dad, just that it had been awhile. It just plain sucks & is sad.

addioty 19

You don't make the rules on what is and is not insensitive. Grow a pair maybe? It's not like they said "lol 360 no scope wasted rekt". They don't know OP or OP's father enough to write a long paragraph.

You're not the only one, OP. It happens a lot. I'm sorry for your loss.

meli1195 31

I hate how people say that when someone is in a rough spot. " oh, you just lost all your money and house? don't worry, you're not the only one." doesn't make the situation or the sufferer any better.

no. but its a way of letting people know that sure its tough, but like many other people, you'll make it through. atleast thats how i see it.

mariri9206 32

#26 It's a way to show empathy. They're not saying "hey, that sucks but mine is worse." - they're saying "Happened to me, too, so I completely get and understand what you're going through. My deepest condolences." And I don't understand how the original comment is getting down voted while yours is getting thumbs up-ed. and to OP: My don't expect condolences on your loss. Any loss is tough but I can only imagine it's much harder and much worse when you haven't them in years. I hope you are able to move on from your pain and loss and think happy thoughts and remember good memories when you think of him.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I don't find it insulting at all but it really depends. If the intentions are good-natured and the person is genuinely trying to make the griever feel better, I don't see why you'd call that rude or uncalled for, unless you're so sad and angry that you won't listen to anyone, though it still doesn't make it rude in any way. If the person is just trying for the griever to get over it or pass it off as if it's not a big deal, then yeah, that is a rude and insensitive ********. That's not the vibe I got from #4's comment, though.

sometimes it makes people feel better to know their not alone .. try to think before you judge

Redoxx_fml 22

Easier said than done. Also too*

I don't understand how this got so many downvotes

not that easy. I my dad 22 years ago, and I'd it's someone that you truly cared for the pain only lessens and evolves, but it never goes away.

I'm so sorry op may he rest in peace.

I'm so sorry to hear OP. I hope you have happy memories of the two of you

Sorry for your loss, that really sucks :(

ChaiseT 16

Did you never make an attempt to see him?

Maybe OP lived a distance from their father. My friend was in that situation when her mother died unexpectedly. She lives at one end of the country while her mum was at the other. She just couldn't afford to see her as often as she wanted.