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Today, my boss asked me to talk to the HR manager to see if I was happy about my pay, which made me think I was going to get a raise. Turns out they paid me nearly twice as much as they should have for the last 2 years and I owe them over €5000. FML
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ScarletteEve 33

Good thing that's not legal!

You work for 5000 euros a year? And they thought you should be making 2500 euros per year? That’s very little money. Do you only work a few hours a week?


ScarletteEve 33

Good thing that's not legal!

Not legal? I was paid more than I should have at two different big companies and each time I had to pay it back

I think in most countries that depends on whether it's in your context or they just accidentally paid you too much. If it's in the contract, that has to be legally binding. If it's not, it should be clear that's a mistake and you can't just decide to keep it.

ScarletteEve 33

Well the post doesn't specify if the OP was overpaid by a clerical mistake or if they simply have a higher wage than they should. I've experienced the latter so I was referring to that, but if their wage x hours doesn't match their pay, then they legally have to pay it back, yes.

Well, having a mother in HR who once dealt with this type of issue I know for a fact that in the US it's legal. I don't know where this guy is located given he specified euros, but I'd be surprised if this wasn't the case there too as most companies double check this stuff with their legal department first. Though usually they will work out a deal if you can't pay it back, such as taking a pay reduction for a period of time until the reduction compensates them for the lost money or some sort of installment plan.

I know in the US military they can take back over payment. I’ve had some of my soldiers get a $12 paycheck before.

In Germany it depends on the case. For example if the boss accidentally pays a part time employee with the salary of a full time employee the employee doesn't have to pay it back. If it's an external service paying the employees or the accounting department then the boss himself can demand the money back because he didn't have access to the payments himself. But there's also a limit on how much the company can demand back. That is if this has been going on for a while and when the employee already spent the money. Because it hasn't been the mistake of the employee the company can only demand the most recent payments back. (For a few months at most, definitely not for 2 whole years)

They can’t legally force them, just because they regret paying them that much, but they can fire them if they don’t want to pay

You work for 5000 euros a year? And they thought you should be making 2500 euros per year? That’s very little money. Do you only work a few hours a week?


I’m sorry but are you okay? He has been making double than what he should have for 2 years, and over time it has accumulated to an extra 5,000 euros, which the company is illegally forcing him to give back.

bl3ur0z3 17

Richard's math is dead on. I'll break it down for you like I would for my 5yo. This guy has to pay back €5,000. Which is the amount he's been overpaid the past two years because he's been paid double what he should have. This means he should have been paid half what he was. He was paid about €10,000 over two years. €5,000 was correct and €5,000 was an overpayment. This works out to him being paid €5,000/yr but he should have only been paid €2,500/yr.

What’s the problem? The company says he owes them over 5000 euros, meaning they overpaid 2500 a year. This overpayment represents “nearly twice” what they thought they were paying. Thus, they thought they paying 2500 a year, but actually paying 5000. Clear, now?

FishyFishy 12

Well, say goodbye to food, a home, and whatever else's you have!

They’re demanding repayment? Do you work for the mafia?

bl3ur0z3 17

So you were supposed to make €5,000 the past two years, made €10,000 and now have to repay €5,000? Quit now and let them take you to court.

LeoCor 18

If it’s 2 years, that means half the total is one year. That means OP made 2500 over pay, since it’s double it means they made 5000 every year.

How did you get paid twice as much as you were supposed to and NOT notice it?

blightsight 10

Probably did and didn't say anything because, hey, it's more money. Would you tell your employer you're making too much?

A dollar or two, probably not, but if it was double what I'd been getting, I'd double check.

I was overpaid for a year in a job (I just thought, oh that's cool, the actual hourly rate is slightly higher than they told me in the interview) and they told me I didn't have tp pay it back bceause it wasn't my responsibilty - they're the ones who made the mistake. Just FYI.

chessu 21

So where I work (in the UK), my contract does say that if I feel like I've been overpaid, it is my responsibility to notify them and would probably owe them if I didn't. However, I feel like in this case based on the phrasing, the OP didn't know their rate was half less what they thought/the company agreed on a higher salary and are now going back on it or something which surely shouldn't be allowed?

There is no way this is legal. Don't let them get away with this.

2500 Euros a year? Are you a part time greeter at Le-Walmart?