By Soakedandbroke - United States - Houston
Today, I was walking to class. While waiting at the crosswalk, a guy cat-called me from his car. I guess he was pissed that I didn't respond, because he purposely drove through a puddle and completely soaked me and the expensive textbook I was holding. FML
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  mariri9206  |  32

for the molotov cocktail, only if you say "hey, assbutt!" first.

  FSGInsainity  |  15

#6, It doesn't work for you? everytime I cat call a girl, she comes running. Sure, she tends to punch me or kick me in the jewels, but, its, you know, sibling rivalry.

  thisguy22  |  33

Actually I heard a story on the radio a few days past, they were telling the most unbelievable stories and the caller had to guess which was true. The true one turned out to be a garbage man catcalling a woman, she was disgusted and stalked away. They wound up meeting again at a party and now they're married. You never know...


Idk, if they're still doing it that must mean that some women are swayed by cat-calling. So i guess they'll just keep doing it hoping to encounter that 1 out of a 1000 woman.

  tomvertigo  |  17

You don't date much, do you #83?

Cat-calls are sleazy. If you find a girl attractive simply let her know she looks nice, not yell "Nice gams, momma. How bout I teach you how to divide them two with my one?"

  CaitiieBuggs  |  23

Oh no, 83, just no. I don't know about other women, but being yelled at by sleazy looking guys doesn't make me feel attractive, but threatened and scared. Being told "you have nice lips, I bet they'd look better around my dick" is not flattery, it's insulting (especially at 14 years old by a grown male in his mid to late 20s). These are just some examples of what is wrong with cat-calling.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

And now we see why it's still a thing. The people who do it show they really don't give a shit about the person and how it makes them feel or even try to say how it should make another person feel.

  HonestPie  |  10

My comment got moderated. Nice. I wasn't even insulting anyone. I feel like grown adults should be able to handle different opinions better, but apparently not.

  DexBanWhore  |  6

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By  LalapaloozaChick  |  14

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  MzZombicidal  |  36


There's nothing wrong with a woman enjoying being given attention. The wrong in this is the man whose ego is SO sensitive that he has to fucking spray her with water for not even speaking to him.

The issue is people who feel entitled to your time and attention. Don't turn this around to it being "not a big deal," because it is. It's a big deal that OP couldn't even STAND there without some man not only trying to hit on her but splashing her with water, effectively ruining an expensive book, (probably) her outfit and her day, all because she didn't reciprocate.

And for the record, don't use "I've been through worse" as a basis for your argument. That doesn't take away from what happened to OP and it doesn't add anything to what happened to you.


By  EarlFug  |  19

If a gentleman expresses his admiration for you, it is only polite to convey your appreciation by flashing your tits. If wearing a skirt, alternate thanks are acceptable.


  Elban  |  20

I know 26, I'm just glad my woman is doing the dishes and laundry so can't be here to read this. She might start to "think things"