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Today, I received an award from my school rewarding me for my honor roll and my cheerleading. When I brought the certificate home my mom congratulated me and hugged me. I worked really hard for this and all my dad had to say was, "Try this flavor of Doritos." FML
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awe didn't get your ego stroked? quit your bitchin.

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doritos are much more important than cheerleading. YDI FOR BEING ONE.

... what flavor? cool ranch in my favorite...

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cheer leading isn't a big deal ydi

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You're right Rawr, that fish is freaky. OP guys only care about one aspect of cheerleading. The girls. Just be happy isn't tring to f*#% one of your friends like my friends dad did. He was a creepy old man.

STFU your Dad has good taste in snacks, I be he had the midnight taco flavor, those are the shit.

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47- Its ok. The fishy can't hurt you. I had to enlarge the picture just to figure it out.

Doritos rule. Did you expect to get a new car for doing what you are supposed to do in school like study? Now if you were in the top 2% of your class then he should make a big deal but if your honor role is just an A- average or better than you have too much of a sence of entitlement. I applaud your dad for not stroking your ego which would do you a disservice in prepairing you for the real world. Keep trying to do good in school and you can make something of yourself.

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Yeah. Even looking at it, it seems slimy. But it kind of reminded me the singing bass. My uncle has one and it is always playing when I come over.

61 - so have you missed me? 48 - do you have my umbrella?

FYI awards for cheerleaing and honor roll don't mean shit in the real world. Its the equivilant of a gold star. Why should your dad jump up and down for a mediocre achievement?

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boo hoo OP he didn't care about your stupid cheerleading award or your stupid honor roll award. no parent really does and it's kinda sad that you think your parents would be different

83 - that's really great because I don't even remember you..

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have you tried the cheeseburger flavored doritos... they really taste like a cheese burger!

agree with 80. op, get out of that pitiful existence and constant yearning for attention you call a life. your dad still probably loves you but he doesn't give a shit about a few bits of paper that proclaim how awesome you are

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woww... all the people saying it's not a big deal need to chill the **** out. I'm sure all OP was lookin for from her dad was a "congrats honey!" or maybe like, dinner at her favorite restaurant. in highschool, things like that aren't considered mediocre, they ARE a big deal, an she deserves a little recognition for her hard work! I was in cheer in hs and it's pretty darn time consuming. needless to say maintaining your grades, let alone getting on the honor roll, isn't easy when you have an extracurricular activity such as cheer.

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well that's good for you 132. would you like an award and a cookie?

60 Is that Amelia Bedelia shaving her beaver? :o

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18 (Samantha_dura....)- What's wrong with cheerleaders? You look like one, you preppy douche.

I'm in high school and i can assure you those things aren't that important to anyone, people only clap because it's polite. Also Dorito's are a delicious and tasty snack, she should feel honored that her dad left one in the packet for her to try

kissmyass: well apperance isn't everything now is it! I'm the opposite from a "preppy douche" you fucktard.

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don't hate on cheerleaders, unless they're ugly and/or fat.

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shut up 132. I make the honor roll every year, and I have mma, drum playing, water polo, and skiing on the side. and I have a part time job. so shut the hell up. if I can do it with all that, I'm sure it's not to hard with cheerleading. and btw, yeah, I'm in high school. I'm a junior.

am pretty sure her dad said congratz and then try this flavor but she's probably pissed because she wanted him to make a great deal outta something millions of ppl do every year plz leave the fml for a real fml

how were the doritos? ps your dads epic.

aw sorry :( my dad did a similar thing..

but I bet they weren't the same flavour...

My dad is like that. :( I got accepted to Cornell University last year, called and told him, and the response I got was, "Call me back later; I'm busy."

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haha! OP's dad is awesome. (:

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that sucks, but not a good FML

my dad is so ADD. He does that kind of thing all the time. It's not often I do something I'm really proud of, so of course I want to tell my parents about it. My mom hardly ever makes a comment about it, and my dad will just say something random, too. FYL, bc I know exactly how that feels, OP.

same thing happened to me too. I got a scholarship at a dance convention that's worth alot of money and its pretty hard to get. all he said was, "have you finished your homework? you won't be getting any more scholarships if you don't do dance because i wont let you go to dance you failed all your classes". I don't get it.

That really sucks.. But look on the bright side.. Atleast he was going to share the doritos with you.. If your dad was as protective of his doritos as mine this wouldn't even be an fml lol

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just moderated this. I said no. life could be worse. quit bitching FAFP

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well that sucks. i am sorry.

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hmm the only person who leaves a nice comment here and you rip on him for his shirt. you are the douchebag here, lady.

She made me laugh, mostly because I pictured her yelling it out a car window and whipping a water balloon. That and I was thinking along the same line.

Yeah, because we can all control who we get for parents. Grow up.

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awe didn't get your ego stroked? quit your bitchin.

Something like this. Unless you are valedictorian or won some regional championship for cheerleading, this isn't exactly a big deal. My reaction would've probably been somewhere between your mum's and your dad's. Work hard to feel the pride in your own efforts, not for validation of awards and compliments. Life will be pretty tough for you if you don't.