By WalnutGaming - 22/10/2013 19:20 - United States - Silver Spring

Today, my dog got out of the house. I was running after him and remembered the old "pretend you're hurt" trick. I got on the ground, and cried out as if I was hurt. My dog just kept running. FML
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WalnutGaming tells us more.

Hey guys. I did end up finding my dog. For those who said get a treat or meat, my dog would be way down the street by that time. My dog had stopped to "say Hi" to my neighbor and her dog. I used this method because my dog was trained to come to me when I lay down, but something made him run instead. In training meat was put on the ground and I was put on the ground and my dog chose me first over the meat. He is a good dog really, this is his first actual stunt hes pulled. Anyway, just thought it'd be nice to fill you guys in.

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Not so mans best friend huh

Are you sure your dog isn't a bitch? Get it? Okay :( Hope he came back! It took us awhile to train our dog not to run.


Not so mans best friend huh

well, actually, dogs can smell real fear/pain. so most likely he could tell you were fine and thought you were just being a weirdo human like always

I wish I could smell fear and pain. Then I could look my enemies in their eyes before I blow Them up...with kindness and affection

Are you sure your dog isn't a bitch? Get it? Okay :( Hope he came back! It took us awhile to train our dog not to run.

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HOW DO YOU TRAIN THEM NOT TO RUN?!?!? My dog runs and runs and runs!

Same with mine! And she always hops off the sidewalk and runs in the middle of the road.

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Who let the dogs out?

Woooof woooof woof woof

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Ask Siri who let them out.

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"Who? Who? Who? Who? WHO?"

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The cats

So you're the boy who cried wolfhound?

4- That's what you cry out when you're hurt?

Yes. I yell "wolfhound" when I'm injured. It used to work quite well, but I've been ignored the last few times I've been hurt. I should probably scream "sheeeeeeep!" from now on. I might get better results.

i like to yell "jiminy crickets" if they arent helping me at least theyre having fun laughing at me

This trick doesnt work on my dog either, OP. Hope you eventually caught your dog.

My grandpa had a dog like Lassie, so he pretended like he was really hurt, and his dog just stood there looking at him funny.

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Works for my cats...Well if you scream like your hurt....My cat comes up and bites you on the ankle and waits for you to stop whining.

Free willy! He's free!

Free Willy was a whale, not a dog.

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Well, unless the dog happens to be named willy :p

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my grandmother had a dog named Willy :P

But Willy died because they set him free :(

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There's a reason he/she ran in the first place I don't think it has any remorse for doing so either.

A lot of soccer player use the "pretend you're hurt" trick as well :P but seriously, I hope you found your dog :)

Just remember this the next time he begs for a treat.

Oh yea cuz dogs sense it when humans hold grudges.

I think the "wave around some meat at him trick" would have worked better.

Waving some meat around might work better...I am immediately sorry.