By justkillm3 - United States
Today, I came home after ten hours at work to find my unemployed wife and 4 kids sprawled out watching TV waiting for me to get home and cook for them. I had to wash all the dishes first because they didn't feel like getting up or helping. FML
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  rohosoccer08  |  1

37 u look pretty good lol

op I'm not a stay at home mom anymore but I clean the house and stuff but my husband cooks... that is the one thing I hate doing, so I take care of the kids, feed all the pets, and clean the house, but when he gets home from work he either cooks or takes us out to eat

  anaisnin  |  0

taking care of four kids is hard work especially if they are all still young, she is definately not unemployed and her day doesn't end after only 10 hours it's round the clock. op probably has a crappy desk job where he sits in a cubical all day and IMO that's way easier than staying home with four kids all day so he should do the cooking when he gets home.... or maybe he treats her like shit like everyone is telling him to do so she doesn't want to do anything for him!

  Pagliaccio  |  1

OP, come talk to me when you work fifteen hours a day and still have to cook sometimes. I don't feel for ya. I'm gunna say f your kids life for their dad acting like a little bitch.

Grow the fuck up, man.

  cookiiies_fml  |  0

Listen up people. My mom is a stay at home mom with four kids, it's not an easy job. my dad even admits she has to work harder than him at home. It's understandable if OP's wife was exhausted from keeping kids in line all day. My mom is always exhausted after a day with us. So remember there's two sides to THIS story.

  suppressed08  |  2

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mine isn't emo, mines got a shorter fringe and longer hair everywhere else:P

I don't agree with what you're saying about 8, but yeah, shirtless posing isn't nice to see (male or female.).

  ComMed1  |  0

next time cook a meal for one then eat it and sit down with the family and watch some tv. but there is one thing you should do first. take your balls back if you ever had them and be the man of the home

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Is she home all day with a newborn? Up all night with him because you need your sleep since you work? If so, that is slightly different. I don't know where you work but I'll bet your boss is more reasonable than hers. Newborns are notorious slave-drivers. She needs her break and you hiding in the loo for 20 minutes is torture for her.

If this is your life, bring the woman home some flowers, tell her she's beautiful, and thank her. You will be amazed at the abrupt change in her attitude. If you want to bring her to tears, tell her to take a long bath or something while you watch the baby and start dinner or do laundry or wash dishes.

Eh, just some free marriage advice to all it concerns. Take it or dump it.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

It's not chauvinism; it's partnership. If she were the one working and he were unemployed, he should be the one shouldering the majority of the burden at home.

If your wife does not work (and doesn't go to school, isn't disabled, etc.), she should be doing at least 65% of the housework. Until she starts contributing, stop doing your part. Tell your family you've had enough and they need to step up. Then start eating dinner on your way home and going to your room once you get home. If you really want to get them, stop paying the cable bill until they've earned the privelege.

  Belief_fml  |  0

Lol. The "unemployed" mom has 4 kids to take care of, I'm not saying that the mother shouldn't help at all, but it's chauvinistic to think that she has to prepare the food and clean the house so that the husband can come home after work and not have to lift a finger.

  dyschordia  |  0

I think you may all be a little confused as to the actual meaning of the word. A couple of definitions for you:

"Chauvinism, , in its original and primary meaning, is an exaggerated, bellicose patriotism and a blind belief in national superiority and glory." -

"# of or relating to persons convinced of the superiority of their own gender or kind
# fanatically patriotic " -

Of course I am aware that you are referring to male chauvinism, but I thought I would point out that chauvinism is not the private preserve of males. I've read comments on here by quite a few female chauvinists.

That said, I would have taken one look at all of the sloths, turned around and gone to the pub for a counter meal.