By Anonymous - 14/10/2009 08:21 - Australia

Today, I won an award at school for my hard work. Afterwards, my parents told me off. Why? They wanted my brother to get it instead of me. FML
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BelaLugosisdead 0

That's ****** up. Not gonna lie.


How about you just start failing school and say I wanted my brother to get the good grades.


Trevv 0

Wow your parents suck ass. I really hope you do well in life so they get it shoved up their asses...

cypherzzz 0

flunk school and say you did it to make your brotherclook better:)

I hate it when parents have favorites. (luckily mine don't)

Today, my peice of shit second born son got an award instead of my other, first born son who's athletic and good looking. FML

katie345 1

At #68 so you like your first son more than your second son....?

ChronicFAIL 0

Kill your brother so they'll be satisfied with you :)

when ur older and rich and they need finical help or need money to be placed in a nursing home drop them on their asses

I just see in the top left of your pic "large dick"


How about you just start failing school and say I wanted my brother to get the good grades.

oh yeah Op should totally ruin all chances of ever getting away from them

BelaLugosisdead 0

That's ****** up. Not gonna lie.

that sucks, awesome username belalugosisdead

Mirandals 0

Lol you cant choose your family..only your friends.

****** up for sure. **** your parents. Tell 'em "How about you go cry to my brother since he apparently didn't work hard enough and play favorites on your own time."

GR3453m0nk3y 4

hahaha same thing happened to me i won some math game thing at school at won some money and my parents got mad at me for not letting my sister win because she needed the money for some game

tht kinda sucks. same thing happened to me last year! ive got a twin sister you see, and i won this award for best mark in one of my classes... the first thing my parents said afterwards "Are you sure they didn't make a mistake and mix you two up?"

That's rubbish. All kids in New South Wales are on school holiday right now. How do I know? I'm one of them.

you know it takes quite some time from aplying with one of these to it getting posted

I would also like to add, just because the post says "today," it doesn't mean that it actually happened today. For all we know it could have happened last week, last year, years ago, or never at all.

xxCFHxx 0

Dude, schools have award nights and shit on days school's not in session. Last year we had 'Athletics Award Night' on the Wednesday after we got out of school. I live in the US, so I might be talking out of my ass, but I'm assuming it's not just a US thing, maybe.