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Today, I was granted a donation to pay for a creative writing course. When I told my mom she couldn't even muster a smile. She found her excitement later, however, when she posted how proud she was of me on Facebook. I can only get praise through my mom attention-whoring on social media. FML
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fartay55 11

People get so distracted by social media today that they don't take the time to realize that memories are happening right in front of them


californiapoppy 11

People are too self absorbed in the social media world that they've stopped caring about real life. The only thing that matter is how many likes on Facebook or Instagram they get. Why can't we have a good conversation without someone having to be on their phone?

It really is. My mom does this on a daily basis.

MissMiranda93 7

My mom did the same exact thing when I got accepted to college.

Seriously! My boyfriend's mom is like this. It drives us nuts.

well there is no point in loving your child unless you can get props for it have have people "like" it. I fear what they world will be like when my children are of age . . .

fartay55 11

People get so distracted by social media today that they don't take the time to realize that memories are happening right in front of them

The worse though are people who involve themselves in the accomplishments when they had nothing to do with it.

I deactivated my facebook earlier this year. Never looked back.

You know what's funny? I don't think anyone would say they deactivated their Myspace. I think that one falls on the line of "forgot" lol.

People care more about themselves than their own kids these days. Sorry OP

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I feel like you skimmed it fast so you could get one of the first comments yet your efforts have been in vain. I award you no points and we're all dumber for just having read that.

I would have appreciated the constructive criticism had you not used a Billy Madison reference to make a point. It was funny in the movie but not how you used it.

Idon't know why 3 is getting buried. If the only reason the mother posted on Facebook was for her own praise, then that is quite selfish. OP deserves the credit and approval, not the mother.

Maybe she was happy for you and couldn't express herself on face; its similar to how people express themselves better on messages. They feel more comfortable, I guess. But, congratulations to you!

My mum's a bit like this too, but she doesn't mean anything by it. She's just one of those people who doesn't show emotion most the time. When my partner first met her, he thought she was a bitch but she just has a funny way of expressing emotion. Wouldn't have her any other way either.

The way I see it you can either be happy she acknowledges you, or post a comment about how she's an attention ***** and using you for likes when she doesn't give a ****. Either way, congratulations.

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At least she's stating how's she's proud of u in some way shape or form. Better then no acknowledgment at all

Well, congratulations Op! It's sad how your mum can't even tell that to you.

This is why generation stereotypes are irrelevant. Because parents do things like this, too.