By ripmylife - Germany - Herford
Today, my boyfriend heard me confessing my undying love to someone while we were skyping. He's now convinced that I was talking to some other guy and had forgotten to mute my phone. I was talking to my cat. FML
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  MamaChey  |  22

Hey 7722- you are definitely the biggest D-Bag piece of shit troller I've ever seen on the FML site. Why don't you go get a job so you can finally move out of you Mommy's basement?

By  Ashael  |  5

We usually talk to an animal the same way we talk to babies : either you're really weird and were really passionnate, or your boyfriend is a moron.

  lonewolf3400  |  10

How is he a moron? I can see how he would think it's someone else she talking to so shut up and let her work it out with her boyfriend if he won't listen to reason then go ahead call him a moron then