By ripmylife - 10/10/2016 17:53 - Germany - Herford

Today, my boyfriend heard me confessing my undying love to someone while we were skyping. He's now convinced that I was talking to some other guy and had forgotten to mute my phone. I was talking to my cat. FML
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You're an asshole. My cat loves everyone, including the decorative stone hedgehogs in the garden.

#11, You dont realise it yet, but you are a piece of SHIT and your cat ******* HATES you. Now GO CHOKE on a hairball catlady

Damn you seem mad? why can't you love both ?

MamaChey 24

Hey 7722- you are definitely the biggest D-Bag piece of shit troller I've ever seen on the FML site. Why don't you go get a job so you can finally move out of you Mommy's basement?

Yikes, you people are all so salty. All animals are amazing, ok!

my cat loves everybody, too. he'll even follow me around the house to keep loving me.

tounces7 27

And not just any Cat. A cat that actually knows how to use Skype.

Not just use Skype, use Skype to get that other human out of her life so that they can have more time together.

acerredrum 23

I replied to the wrong post, ignore this.

We all believe u. Ur boyfriend is the only one having an issue believing u

Cats don't understand verbal expressions of love. Give the cat a dead mouse to express your true love meaningfully.

omg that was ******* funny *dead mouse* lofl hahahahahaaaaa but just so we're clear, cars know love

cootiequeen4444 11

actually, I don't think cars do...

We usually talk to an animal the same way we talk to babies : either you're really weird and were really passionnate, or your boyfriend is a moron.

How is he a moron? I can see how he would think it's someone else she talking to so shut up and let her work it out with her boyfriend if he won't listen to reason then go ahead call him a moron then

tounces7 27

Because if she was talking to her cat the way people typically speak to animals, it should be pretty obvious she wasn't speaking to a lover.

acerredrum 23

I speak to both cats and babies the same way I talk to anyone else, 'baby talk' is stupid.

Kind of seems like he's looking for a reason to leave. Or doesn't trust you, etc.

Dont lie bitch, you are TOTALLY ******* your cat!!

nitemastr15 17

Well, at least you'll always have your cat.