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By badprofessor - 19/09/2014 01:44 - United States - Larchmont

Today, I got an Economics test back from my professor. I got a 17/20. I looked it over and noticed one of the questions was completely right. I checked the textbook he made and the answer was the same. I asked him why it was wrong, and he responded with, "I guess I changed my mind." FML
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Take it to the dean if he doesn't fix it. People like him shouldn't be allowed to teach.

bluestrawberry17 17

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to teach...


"WOW dude, **** YOU"-what you should've said.

It would have made her less sad about it.

It also would have dug her into a deeper hole

Exactly like what's happening to kipperin's comments.

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Reminds me of that Malcolm in the Middle episode where the teacher has something against Reese. The mom tells Malcolm to do his school work for Reese, Reese hands it in, and still gets it wrong, and the mom flips on the teacher...

Take it to the dean if he doesn't fix it. People like him shouldn't be allowed to teach.

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yeah I agree if he's gonna give you deduction for being wrong, take it up with higher authorities until its fixed. if he did it with you, how many others did he do it to?

Exactly in first year the entire program complained about a test that had problems that we never did before(not even close to same difficulty) and got a re test by going to the program head

As a college professor or teacher, they can grade you how ever they want on the tests they make. (unless it is a math class) Their lectures are based on their opinions, so are the tests. Regardless of what ever the book says because the book is an opinion as well and isn't always right.

#53 Difference of opinion should never be criteria for right/wrong answers on a test. Either the question is objective (there is only 1 or a few equally valid correct answers) or subjective (there are multiple interpretations based on personal opinion). Questions of a subjective answer should be looking at why the student has a certain opinion, not what their opinion actually is. OP sounds like they were taught the question objectively, since he could cite the part of the textbook that said he was right. Teachers can't just teach you something and then suddenly tell you that's wrong. If it was something that should have been opinion-based in the first place, then he tested students on the question in completely the wrong way.

This is an economics class, not philosophy or history... Economics are based on facts, not opinions. Also, even if it was the professor's opinion, he or she can't mark it as a mistake because it's not a solid fact... There is no right or wrong answer!

Teachers are seriously the worst. Be glad it's just with one test. A couple of years ago I kinda had the same problem, but with many tests. I tried to tell our principal, but she wouldn't do anything about it because my teacher worked there for a very long time already and she didn't wanna "lose her" -.- FYL for sure though.

it sounds like the teacher had something on the principal, whether a relationship or blackmail, I do not know

Calm your **** #3. Teachers aren't the devil, spending their nights plotting how to **** with your life. There might be some injustice but it's nothing we can't deal with. If anything, that'll prepare you for real life's injustice.

Not all teachers are "the worst" they stay up really late just to grade everyone's papers. Yes there are some bad teachers, but most of them aren't actually that bad. They don't just look at a paper and then decide to **** with it. Teachers have a lot of responsibilities, trying to grade papers, helping student, dealing with angry parents, you make it sound like the teachers have it wasy

Maybe you went to a school with good teachers and I didn't? Excuuuuuse me for sharing something that happend to me. And you really can't compare schools from all around the world -.-

#39 If you're going to make generalizations like "Teachers are seriously the worst," then people are probably going to respond when they experienced something that doesn't fit that generalization. If you had said what happened in the context of empathy for the OP, then your comment would be better perceived. Generalizations are not usually seen in a positive light in the FML community.

My mom is a teacher, and no matter how much she can't stand a kid, she would never do what that teacher did to you. She's a great teacher.

Obviously, you must have had some seriously crappy teachers or you would know the meaning of hypocrite. Good luck understanding what I just meant. PS: how does it feel to be owned by a teacher? :)

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Some people just shouldn't be allowed to teach...

I agree. that's so silly. clearly it's the correct answer, so not sure how the teacher just gets to "change his mind." Wtf?

He wrote the book. So I mean, he can change the course content. But he shouldn't be able to do it without informing the students. That's just being such an ahole. And hopefully OP can find a way to rectify the situation.

That really sucks OP, some teachers nowadays are not the greatest....

The professor is a douche. You should be able to appeal that (politely) . Good luck !

So Professor Bad wrote the textbook used in his class and he still contradicted himself. Professors hate being wrong, I would appeal, OP.

You got it right talk to your advisor they can Change your grade and if your professor changes it he'll have a bad time

Some professors abuse power like that, but a stunt like that could be the difference between passing and failing the class. Sorry OP, hope it can be appealed and your grade doesn't suffer.

Hopefully with a 17/20 (85%), OP is in no danger of failing. But sucks when you should have gotten an A.

Your professor can change his mind but not the truth.

Sadly some questions on tests are opinions. And if you disagree with the professor, you're wrong by default. At least 17/20 isn't too bad. But it always sucks to get screwed out of a grade.