By MuteNToot - 26/02/2015 21:17

Today, my friend was confiding all her problems to me over Skype. I pressed the mute button so I could let out a fart, forgetting I'd already muted it earlier. I broke several minutes of my own silence with a devastating wet one. Now she won't talk to me. FML
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A true friend wouldn't mind a little flatulence

Tessa_11 19

Why did you have it muted before that anyway??


A true friend wouldn't mind a little flatulence

I think your wrong about that.

I think you're wrong

She would when he blatantly let it out while she's upset

#34: I think I pity anyone misfortunate enough to be your friend.

#47: It's a fart, get over it.

Cut communication with a friend over some gas? Seems a little immature

*you're #34

jamescrazy96 17

You are not a true friend for muting them!! YDI

Not really. I have a friend who would call me every other day and lay out their problems to me. I mute them only because sometimes there are other things going on or I'm multitasking. It does not mean I'm not listening. I just don't want them to be disturbed by the sounds at my end. Also some people tend to repeat the same problem over and over again. A true friend would listen to them because you are their only outlet, instead of telling them to call later or shutting them up for repeating the same issue.

SheepShoop_fml 20

OP was (un)muting themselves, not their friend. Fairly respectful thing to do when in a conversation with someone over any media. Burping into a mic is rude. Farting into one apparently ruins friendships...

falloutlogan 6

he/she didn't mute them, he muted himself

They muted their own microphone via Skype, not their friend's sound.

You are a moron. They obviously said they muted themselves

Don't blame OP dumbass. He muted himself.

Do you realize how stupid that sounds like what. "I used to be friends with him, but he muted me on Skype!" Chill out lol

IAmzephyr 22

OP muted themself

every person on this list has pretty much the same comment. I think it gets understood the first time it's said lol but I don't see how this would make OP any less of a friend.

JayVicious 20

apparently I was the only one thinking #2 was being sarcastic & meant OP trying to mute their fart. if #2 meant what everyone else thought then yeah thats rediculous. true friends IMO wouldn't make a big deal about any bodily function unless it was to make goofy jokes.

uglyheadedbitch 20

That stinks :(

So does this overused pun. Even if you weren't trying to make it one.

*Sigh* there had to be one

You're the asshole here op.

That's a really devastating blow...but your friend sounds really dull!

Tessa_11 19

Why did you have it muted before that anyway??

That's what I was just wondering

I usually mute my mic on skype so the other person doesn't hear any background noises if they're telling me a story or something

I don't know? Maybe, she didn't want her to hear any background noise, or maybe she was one of the people who blurt out stuff and didn't want to interrupt her?

It's natural I don't understand why she's acting like you did it intentionally.

uglyheadedbitch 20

Because after minutes of not responding to her venting, she let out a loud one. If I didn't know the actual story I think she'd sound like an ass too

She might smell like an ass too?

britbrat237 14

That's actually really funnyXD

Does your friend go by the name YG?


Too much thought involved in that joke nvm.

I saw it that way too, but friend could give a chance of explaining rather than just stop talking to her. Still a hilarious plonker-ish thing to happen.

This FML brought a brilliant start to my day, thanks. :)