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What college class still uses slide carousels? Funds must be at an all time low.

No you wouldn't


Well this ain't microscopic! It's macro over here!

That's actually going to be a pain in the ass to sort though. If I could help you I would OP!

No you wouldn't

Maybe he won't notice? I mean since he asked you to put them in order maybe he doesn't know what order they were in originally.

He told OP to scan them, not to sort them. So he knows.

What college class still uses slide carousels? Funds must be at an all time low.

Ignorance is bliss I guess. Much of time hasn't been converted to Wikipedia or digital images, it makes them no less relevant or important. Just because it isn't bleeding edge doesn't mean it isn't vital factors in education.

The OP did mention that their professor wanted them to make them into digital slides. So maybe it's not funds as much as it's "if it's not broke, don't fix it?" Just my two cents.

#14, why else would OP be told to digitally scan them?

First day with the new arms, Op?

Haha, unlucky

"Science Bitch!"

It shouldn't be that hard to reconstitute 100 Slides .... Have a nice 3 hours extra of work that you were suppose to be qualified to duplicate .

More importantly, how is it a student's responsibility to make digital copies of a school's resources?

At many high schools (mine included), some students have TA periods where they assist teachers or work in the office-- usually doing filing, sorting, or menial stuff like this. However, the use of the word 'professor' makes me think OP is either in college or grad school and working or TA-ing for the professor as part of a campus job or mentorship. It's not that unusual.

I sure hope you didn't scan a lot of them yet

If OP had scanned a lot of them already, it wouldn't be an FML. The problem is that the ones OP were supposed to scan got mixed in with other ones.