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Today, my mom tried to get me to shoplift. From the dollar store. FML
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if they got busted bet she would put it all on him

your mom needs a job who the f**k steals from a dollar store?

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Cocaine is a helluva drug. costs a lot of money. now if she did crack instead then there's just no excuse to pay the dollar store

My FML I posted "Today my mom tried to get me to shoplift. From the homeless shelter.

Today, my mom tried to get me to shoplift. From the homeless shelter.

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imagine the police report if she got caught

Why is it awesome to shoplift? It's not really cool to be selfish and make other people pay for shit you don't even need. Yeah it was a one dollar store, but millions of other people steal everyday, it's going to add up eventually. Its not just one person. FYL for having a selfish mom who's willing to get you into legal trouble over $1 to save her ass.

Its the Economy. Momma's "whoring for crack" just not producing like it did 10 years ago...

I'd say it's a major parent fail.

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your mom: steal that for mommy kid: hell no! mom: yes or else! kid: sticks something in pocket "leaves & they get caught" mom: runs like hell. kid: see what had happened was..

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you know you live in the southeast united states when...

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ive done that before. its not even a good store to shoplift from, the products have shit qualityXD i recommend target or walmart, walmart even has a non metal detected door on the side:D

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Yes because Walmart and Target are places you're going to be places with high quality items. How about not stealing at all? *coughtrashycough*

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119 i cant understand u over that throat cancer. also stealing is fun:D do not question my activities.:)

124- Cool, so what's your address? I could use a little fun. Are you out anytime this week?

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Yes, petty theft epitomizes fun. You're soooooooo cool. If you don't want your activities questioned then don't blatantly brag about them in a public forum.

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I'm loosing faith in my generation. So many stupid, arrogant, and assholes, or a combo of them. Yes, I'm from '95 eminemchick, and your behavior disgusts me.

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I wouldn't say it's cool. I just don't like contributing to the mass genocide of child laborers in third world countries. While greedy CEOs are sitting in their mansion, earning millions of dollars each year children that actually work are getting paid barely enough to live. So yeah, crimes against humanity are SO awesome.

Oh for piss' sake. By your logic, YOU would have the children not earning ANYTHING. Here's a clue for you: getting PAID to work beats being broke. But your candy ass probably doesn't know about working.

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Well, those greedy CEOs are the ones who give us the job... maybe instead of bitchin' about can bitch about why I have to give my money away, and support lazy people, who don't wanna work...

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My father is a CEO and its offensive to lump all of them together as greedy people committing crimes against humanity. What a bullshit cop-out. If you want something, go get a job. My fathers has a decent salary, but I still have to hold a part-time job. >.>

153 no one gives a **** about you or your dad. Sorry to be harsh but your probably having a better life than other people. 200,000 isn't decent it's amazing. Not all Ceos are evil but it's understanable if they are. For to make money they gotta stuff that to us might not sound right. Its the greedy complex all humans have, and why comunism fails. To me if some Indian got to work 20 hours a day to live that's what they got to do. No one has a gun to their heads.

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Well its not her fault , those bitches are expensive .

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probably a bunch of Popsicle sticks because she needs them to build a house..

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dude Thats mess why would you say that

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Well at least you won't get caught because dollar stores can't afford cameras in the store only mirrors hahaha

I don't think it's cause they can't afford them just that it's a dollar store. So if anything is stolen, oh well it's a dollar. :P

you should see the 89 cent store.. they pay hobbits to watch you through the shelves -_-

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The dollar store where I live has cameras. They have a screen that alternates views every few seconds by the cash register. And I live in a small town, so it's not as if we have more money going around out here.

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the cameras are inside the mirrors

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no they're not, ******* tard. the mirrors r too thin for cameras. I should know. I manage a dg store.

@97. Well, ain't you the shit! A DG Manager! Your profile says you hate bullshit. And you are 17 years old. Pimply-Faced-Kid-Syndrome has left you delusional, TheSchizoPsycho. But your name is certainly on point.

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If she needs money that bad just put a sign up that says " A buck a suck".

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Good thing I have a dollar in my pocket!

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I have ten of them! what do I get?

maybe for ten dollars she'll spit on you but do t get your hopes up

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I hate it when my mom carries her signs in public.

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this comment is full of win XD

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And do something strange for some change.

what is there in a dollar store that is worth shoplifting???

cute little erasers shaped like ice cream.

drinks, gum, office supplies, stuff to eat with, foooood. etc etc.