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  SmittyJA24  |  26

My ex-wife did this same shit (along with a lot of other sewer rat crazy behavior); it's going to get worse, I guarantee it.
Did I say "ex-wife"? Yeah.
Move on, OP, move on. Bail now.

By  limabeans101029  |  20

Dreams can feel so real sometimes... quite often I'll have dreams where I'm in a car accident, or my boyfriend cheats on me, or my mother is angry with me, etc. and I wake up like "HOLY SHIT MY LIFE IS RUINED"... annnnnd then I realise it was a dream and go back to sleep. Because I'm not crazy. It sounds like your girlfriend has some issues.

  Kikiers21042  |  18

Lol not to long ago I woke up as I slapped my bf on the chest xD he was confused all I said was that I was asleep when I started it and fell back asleep we laugh about it now