By Jrex89 - 02/06/2015 21:02 - United States - Washington

Today, I got woken up and kicked out of bed. Apparently if I cheat in her dreams it still counts. FML
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You went from the man of her dreams to the man who cheats in her dreams.


You went from the man of her dreams to the man who cheats in her dreams.

immunetoinsanity 23

But still, the man of her dreams.

Why would you cheat in her dreams OP? That's like the easiest way to get caught.

Tell her to get out and give you half her stuff because she divorced you in your dreams and that still counts. (Joking)

The day she calls the cops on you because you 'tried to kill her' in her dreams is not far, my friend.

Sorry OP, talk to her in a bit and let her realise how ridiculous she sounds.

She loves you truly, man. She even thinks about you when she's asleep!

You need to behave... Even in her dreams...

Hahahahaha. Happened to me too. Just laugh and move on.

Move on from what? OP's girlfriend has the problem, not OP.

He got kicked out of bed. Wether he knows it or not, he has the problem.

SmittyJA24 26

My ex-wife did this same shit (along with a lot of other sewer rat crazy behavior); it's going to get worse, I guarantee it. Did I say "ex-wife"? Yeah. Move on, OP, move on. Bail now.

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Why do replies like these get downvoted? What's wrong with people here?

Dreams can feel so real sometimes... quite often I'll have dreams where I'm in a car accident, or my boyfriend cheats on me, or my mother is angry with me, etc. and I wake up like "HOLY SHIT MY LIFE IS RUINED"... annnnnd then I realise it was a dream and go back to sleep. Because I'm not crazy. It sounds like your girlfriend has some issues.

I once punched my boyfriend as I woke up from a dream about someone attacking me. He wasn't happy.

I woke up mad at my boyfriend once because I dreamed he cheated.

Lol not to long ago I woke up as I slapped my bf on the chest xD he was confused all I said was that I was asleep when I started it and fell back asleep we laugh about it now

Ecudaniel 16

Do the same, see how she likes it... after that talk to her.