By Anonymous - 15/12/2011 15:49 - United States

Today, realizing how poor I am, I decided to steal gas. The only place I was brave enough to steal from was my parents' lawn mower. FML
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flockz 19

instead of stealing their gas, why don't you mow their lawn for some cash?

^ Horrible pun.


wow such an amazing comment seahawkfan get a life. and op never touch the lawnmower haha

FML no wtf yes

Did they catch you white handed?

You mean red-handed? I don't understand where you got white.

Are we trying to be racist and funny?

every1luvsboners 11

You are cutting it close. Hopefully your parents won't mowtice it's missing.

^ Horrible pun.

Very horrible.

I actually laughed when i read it.

flockz 19

cut the crap guys. his pun made me green with envy.

Horcruxer 0

Wayyy too many bad puns

I thought it was clever and I'm a troll from hell!

witchdoctor1 9

Boners. Usually your comments make me laugh and feel good. But this one was real bad lose your touch or something?

Thank you, 117, for granting boners perspective and keeping him in line by being the final authority on how he should post.

??????????? ??????? ?. That is all.

You're pathetic.. Or, instead of stealing gas, get a job...

Rei_Ayanami 18

You make my day sometimes, Alan.

Shut up, #7. =_=U

uprising_fml 0

how I so often wish I could thumb up the FML team's comments . sigh

needsagf14 12

Wow there are currently 7 dislikes on this comment. This is what's wrong with america

Ergayles 9

^ wow, like all those dislikes came from America

jeanniebabee 10

why didnt you just ask your pants to loan you a couple bucks?

marpay 11

My pants refuse to talk to me since I asked them for money. But then again I'm pretty sure they were giving me the cold shoulder before too.

My pants are always pissed that I DP them with my 34 inch legs with no lube. No way I could ask them for money...

When I ask my pants for money, they always ignore me...

KiddNYC1O 20

Pants only give Seven dollars. (Lame, I know.)

OP might have more luck getting money from his panties.


Wow ur poor and an asshole

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What the hell? This comment makes absolutely no sense. Don't steal from ANYONE. Family or strangers. Steal from strangers and get caught, you go to jail. Your logic is non-existent.

Torva_fml 16

Hey, troll_spray! According to your profile, you're trying to clear out all the retards... Just wondering how that's going for you.

Right, because obviously op gave a shit that stealing is wrong. Since he is just going to do it anyways might aswell not steal from your own parents. If you read my comment i also stated that it was wrong to steal in the first place. Would you rather do something fucked up like steal from someone you know and that you see on a regular basis or to a complete stranger?

#56- oh it's going great! Thanks for asking.

Right and risk having charges pressed? While stealing from your parents is horrible, let's face it, it's safer than stealing from strangers because odds are, your parents are not gonna throw you in jail. OP should have just borrowed money from them anyway. OP's just an idiot and you are giving even worse advice.

Your not getting my fucking point. Are you really that much of an ignorant person?

You are not getting MY fucking point you idiot. You steal from someone you don't know and you get caught you are FUCKED. As HORRIBLE and pathetic as stealing from your parents is, they probably would NOT throw you into jail. Taking from strangers is NOT better.

Wel no shit thats why i put in my comment "it's wrong in the first place." obviously a huge percentage of people dont care that it is wrong because there are still people stealing and doing a bunch of shit they arent supposed to do. Seems like if you were on the spot and didnt have a choice you would rather steal from your own parents. Smh

No, I wouldn't. There's always a choice. I'd ask them for money.

Amanda, you started strong, but the rest of your argument was pretty bad. You obviously didn't read his posts, or care to understand them. He's not saying stealing is right, but if your parents catch you stealing from them that will only cause problems. They won't trust you as much and you'll regret it everytime you see them.

If I may interject, I agree with Amanda to a point. Stealing from your parents isn't any better than stealing from a stranger, but they are less likely to turn you in if they catch you.

I agree that stealing isn't right period. Just atleast respect the fact that they are your parents. Since he was going to steal it regarless do it from a complete stranger. I think i would need more balls to steal from my own parents than a person idk at all. Not that i would steal to begin with.

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

57-The stranger might be doing as bad as he is, but he knows his parent's financial situation.

Clearing out the retards eh? Try a new drug called cyanide, genocide leaders use it all the time... Like hitler, ask him how his mission went. And stealing is wrong period, but stealing from your family is just horrible. We leave wads of cash around our house all the time, only because only family and trusted friends are allowed over. Stealing from your parents is low, therefore sir, you are a scumbag.

No not true some lawn mower engines are different

rcloca 10

Your parents. Really.