By Shock - 21/03/2016 20:12 - United States - Littleton

Today, while working for a hospital security company, I had to assist in restraining a male patient while the nurses put a catheter in him. All I will say is that it looked like a worm trying to swallow a straw. FML
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More like F the patient's life.

Aah, that hurt to read


CheekyRaccoon 27

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CheekyRaccoon 27

Guess people still really hate that song.

Damn it man! but since you are working at a hospital you must have seen worse

Very few things in life are worse than a man having an object inside his urethra

There are many, many things worse than make catheterisation!!!!!

11- Well, there are always rectal catheters...

theblondeone 16

As an employee of a level 1 trauma ER, I whole-heatedly agree.

Male catheterisation - not make catheterisation lol

Aah, that hurt to read

why did you have to assist in that? anyways. we feel you OP!

Most hospital security has to help restrain patients, aswell as take bodies to the morgue, deal with the drunk people who get blood tested, and other things of the sort.

Read the fml again and then look back at your comment again.

Yanno, security concerns.

Mathalamus 24

That probably is what it looks like. Sounds painful.

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I pictured it as I read it. Not very pleasant.

More like F the patient's life.

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the nurse as well

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David eat. Goliath

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he didnt say anything about what the guy looked like

Where exactly did OP state that the man had a small penis? Read the FML.

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Mcstud1y 30

The metaphor wasn't directed to the size, but towards the movement

Ahhhh!! I understand now!

I feel like you don't know what a catheter is, because this FML has nothing to do with the man's penis size