By Sir_ND_Pity - 11/03/2013 19:57 - United States - Fresno

Today, since I hadn't eaten and was about to have a three hour class, I bought Panda Express. I sat opposite my classroom to eat. Soon after I started eating, a wad of saliva dropped into my bowl, and I heard someone yell "BONUS POINTS!" from the second floor. FML
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I know the wording makes it a bit confusing, but, yes, someone somehow spit into my bowl from the second floor :-/ unfortunately, I didn't see who did it so I wasn't able to even so much as confront them about it. I guess you could say I'm an unfortunate cookie!

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Some people need to be sterilized.

Meenah_fml 4

As awful as that is, their aim was pretty impressive.


Some people need to be sterilized.

Unfortunately, that isn't going to solve op's current problem.

Pssst... Hey OP If you're thinking about "terminating" those kids I can help you out :D burying the bodies and whatnot~ Because that's what buddies are for

The world has too many jackasses. We need a new plague.

Thr33to16 8

Assholes would find a way to steal the cure or infect everyone else :/

The "Bonus points" probably wasn't for you. It's hard to hear saliva drop from another floor.

If its big enough for op to see, it was probably big enough for the culprit to follow by sight to where it landed.

I don't think Bryan realizes the drool didn't come from the op's mouth

pheebs314 17

36, it took me a second to realize that it was someone else's. I was hung up on the fact that OP drool that much over Panda, to realize it wasn't their spit. :/

No, you would have looked around bewildered just like OP did, wondered what the hell just happened, and not done a damned thing.

enormouselephant 15

Doc, I hate to disagree with you again but had they done this to some tough guy, sure he probably would have looked around confused for a second, but with the saliva and 'bonus points' comment he very well may have run after the kids to beat their asses. Don't mess with my Panda Express.

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@20, coming from a floor above, I doubt that OP would have been able to catch them, unless he ninja scaled up the wall after them.

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Some a-hole spit on OP's food from the second floor, then yelled out "Bonus Points" because it landed right in.

What happened was OP was eating and some people on the floor above him were spitting. One of the people's spit landed in OP's food and they yelled "bonus points" because their saliva landed in the food. EDIT: sorry 14, didn't see your comment.

OP hungry. OP get Chinese food yummy. Someone spit on OP's food. OP confused. Awwww.

Thanks for clearing that up, guys ^_^ that's pretty gross but also skilful, for some reason I thought he dribbled in his own panda -_-

For some reason the phrase " dribbled in his own panda" seems extremely dirty

Really? Because I just think of someone dribbling a panda, like a basketball

You seriously don't understand? That's sad..

Meenah_fml 4

As awful as that is, their aim was pretty impressive.

I expect to see some dubstep spit monatges pretty soon.

hellachillin 8

I once hit a bowl of cereal from 7 floors up in a hotel... Just saying

karpoi 11

Luckily you noticed it before you ate it. That would've been disgusting to eat someone else's spit.

But then it's disappointing because op can't eat any of their food

Yeah, I'd rather unknowingly eat someone's spit than have someone tell me they spit in my food, whether its true or not. That's what immune systems are for. But the knowledge of the spit being there just ruins your appetite, understandably. It's sort of like a primary defense.

420Zombie 17

it IS those additives that make fast food so unhealthy...

I'd like to express my deepest sympathies. It sounds like quite the pandamic.

Oh that's nasty *said in Cleveland's voice* I'm sorry everyone but I just had to do it