By work_while_bent - 02/06/2015 17:21 - United States - San Luis Obispo

Today, I sneezed and ended up in the emergency room. How? Apparently the sneeze dislodged a kidney stone that is now slowly, painfully working its way from my kidney to my bladder so that I can piss it out. FML
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work_while_bent tells us more.

Yes, my wife made sure to tell me that about a dozen times.

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Damn that sounds painful as hell


friedpwnadge 25

You must be pretty pissed, OP.

paravoz 30

Thanks. I just sneezed too!

Damn that sounds painful as hell

I work in an ER and this is a first. Just when you think you've seen it all.......

As a man this is my worst nightmare >_

Kidney stones are rarely worse for men than women. For most people, kidney stone pain ends after the stone hits the bladder.

@30 Come tell me that when you piss one out. Then I'll beleive you. I'm into pain and shit but that hurts. your little man parts arnt ment to have a rock even the size of a grain of sand bouncing it's way out of you. and for most people it's bigger about the third of a small bead on a necklace.

I've had a kidney stone, and my urologist told me that for almost everyone the pain stops when it gets to your bladder. And if not, your urethra is about twice the diameter of your ureter, so if your stone can travel down your ureter, it will travel much easier down your urethra.

As a woman this is my worst nightmare too! Either male or female, a tiny spiked rock coming out of the tiny holed urethra sounds horrible and excruciating! I think the only thing to try and prevent kidney stones is drinking lots of water, which I thankfully do.

gaydragon 13

ive had several kidney stones and had to have surgery to get them removed as they were too big to pass and the docters don't know why I get them either, i would never wish this pain upon my worst enemy

80, Ugh, sounds horrible! It sucks they can't figure out why you get them. I hope you never have one again! I must say though, (and maybe I'm ignorant) but the idea of cutting them out seems better to me than it slowly dragging and cutting through your body. Would you prefer the surgery or passing it?

RowanNightShade 22

That blows!

staychill 16

Feel better op :

Ouch! That hurts me just thinking about it...

Drink lots of cranberry juice... I promise it helps

You are an evil human being.

This hurts me just reading it

Now you might have an idea how giving birth feels

Yes, my wife made sure to tell me that about a dozen times.

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I just hope your water doesn't break!

#38 your comment made no sense. OP didn't say that his wife has given birth a dozen times. She has only reminded him a dozen times that the kidney stone feels similar to the pain of giving birth.

dragoongirl90 34

Actually, kidney atones hurt way worse than child birth. Everyone I've ever met says they'd rather give birth 100 times than have a kidney stone.

#60 I doubt that, because a kidney stone doesn't even hurt as much as childbirth. You don't get labour pain, contractions, and all that jazz while peeing out a kidney stone. I get it hurts, but not as much as pushing another human out of you.

MzZombicidal 36

Really, #60? Everyone you've EVER met said that?

At least you're not actually giving birth. It'll be over before you know it.

I don't know if I should laugh or throw you in front of a moving car.

What's a kidney atone?

Oh, I also doubt that it hurts more than child birth.

Seriphe 16

Kidney stones *suck*. I've had 2, one per kidney, and it's awful. I've had a kid since then, and I'd say the kidney stone actually hurts worse than the beginning contractions. Wouldn't know about past that, cuz I got an epidural, but I was given morphine shots for my 2nd and worst stone.

My mom gave birth to three children without a epidural. She says kidney stones are much worse.

Everyone feels pain differently. For some, childbirth is a breeze and others it is the most excruciating pain ever felt. Those same people that had horrible pain in birth might find kidney stones easy and so on. This argument is pointless because it is based on personal experience rather than actual science/facts etc

mick95_fml 19

They might say that because giving birth you get a baby and the pain is worth it, while a kidney stones you don't.

Plus, apparently after childbirth women release certain hormones which actually help them to forget the pain. Crazy and also super cool that the body does that.

I had my kidney stone for two months, and while I've never given birth, I just have to say that I'm glad as hell labor doesn't last that long.

tantanpanda 26

some women are in labor for hours. not sure how long it takes for a kidney stone to pass, but a few hours of excruciating pain isn't a walk in the park.

Kidney stones also vary in size and how quickly they pass. Much like babies I guess. Sometimes labour only lasts a couple of hours or so, other women can be in labour for even days (although I think medical intervention stops that being as common now). Best bet is probably to avoid both.

@77, my mom has also given birth to 3 children and has said that passing a kidney stone is much more painful. I don't know why everyone was giving that other user a hard time about saying kidney stones are worse

Yeah, everyone I've talked to who's been through both said kidney stones were worse, too. I don't have any kids, but I have had kidney stones on four separate occasions and they are the most painful thing I've ever experienced, hands down. I wouldn't wish them on anyone. (Last time, I also got a kidney infection with the stones and felt like I was going to die.)

My grandma said that kidney stones hurt worse. When I was in the hospital having the largest of my stones surgically removed. She said that the contractions come in waves so their is a brief moment that doesn't hurt (as bad) whereas the stone is constant pain.

Unless you've passed a kidney stone AND given birth then your argument is pretty biased and frankly invalid

I hate to break it to you, but that's not how you get stoned