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  mariri9206  |  32

It's still gross but OP made it clear their bf only does it before he gets in the shower, not all the time (as you seem to think, based on your comment.)

  SneezyBear  |  27

Having passionate sex (i.e., exchanging glorious amounts of sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells, some of it even going into your mouths) = aww, that's hot/sweet/romantic. Even if it's sex with a complete stranger, nobody cares.

Sharing a loafah in the shower with the boyfriend you have sex with = eww, how nasty!

Am I missing something?!

By  Kimchiilady  |  4

Um, YDI. Whether or not he wipes before showering, since you share the same loofah, you both have been rubbing each other's fecal matter all over yourselves. I use baby wipes and carry them in my purse but most people just use toilet paper. Even then, I would never use someone's toothbrush, washcloth or loofah, or offer to let someone else use my own personal hygiene products. Do u not know u are rubbing the dead skin off your body as well? Dead skin and skidmarks, u two deserve each other, nasty az fks.

  SneezyBear  |  27

Yes... because it's not like she and her boyfriend likely spend time inserting germ-filled organs into germ-filled orifices, rubbing sweaty bodies against each other and sharing all kinds of bacteria, saliva, dead skin cells, sperm and discharge and vaginal mucus....
Oh wait...
Seriously, do y'all sanitise yourselves with lysol or something before getting it on? Why's everyone so judgy about sharing a loofah given that each act of having sex is like 100 times nastier?! lmao