By Derp McShitstain - United Kingdom - Saint Helens
Today, I was shopping with my boyfriend, when he suggested that I might want to buy a new loofah. When I asked why, he admitted he's been using it to scrub his ass crack for weeks. I use that loofah to wash my face. FML
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  HowAreYouToday  |  34

1- I read your profile, and I have to say *cue British accent* "Bow ties are cool."

71- Urban Dictionary, big if you're a lazy mo-fo, it says basically that if it exists, there is some variation of porn about it.

  Drigr  |  9

26 - you must be new here, so let me fill you in. First off, breaking up with someone over stupid shit like that is just retarded. Yes, what the guy was doing was dumb and he should have bought his own for something like that, but no one would ever be with anyone for very long if they listened to people like you on FML whose first response is "dump them!" Oh, and secondaly, fuck you. You have now been properly initiated

  lelo007  |  11

It's a fetish. I don't remember the exact name, Squashing, maybe? It's when a guy gets off by basically being smothered by a morbidly obese woman.

  mystashisgone  |  6

The bacterial form of pink eye can be spread by getting fecal matter into your eye. Seeing as how she said she used it on her face he/she seems totally justified in asking that question.