By Derp McShitstain - 16/09/2012 19:48 - United Kingdom - Saint Helens

Today, I was shopping with my boyfriend, when he suggested that I might want to buy a new loofah. When I asked why, he admitted he's been using it to scrub his ass crack for weeks. I use that loofah to wash my face. FML
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CountDuk 5

Giving an all-new definition to the term "shitfaced"


When's the last time you ever heard of a fetish for wiping a loofa used to clean someone else's face...never mind...knowing people, there is a high chance that exists...

Nothing a little tobasco can't fix. Get one for yourself and give him the hot one. Payback is a bitch haha

1- That's a pretty weird fetish you have their.

41-pardon my ignorance, but what is rule 34 or where can I find it?

41-pardon my ignorance, but what is rule 34 or where can I find it?

HowAreYouToday 34

1- I read your profile, and I have to say *cue British accent* "Bow ties are cool." 71- Urban Dictionary, big if you're a lazy mo-fo, it says basically that if it exists, there is some variation of **** about it.

Lol, that's pretty funny, thanks for the insight...into fetish ****...I think...

Don't you think it would smell different considering you're using it on your face?

*facepalm* Rule 34 not rule 35. Rule 35 means that there's no **** of it, not that there is.

26 - you must be new here, so let me fill you in. First off, breaking up with someone over stupid shit like that is just retarded. Yes, what the guy was doing was dumb and he should have bought his own for something like that, but no one would ever be with anyone for very long if they listened to people like you on FML whose first response is "dump them!" Oh, and secondaly, **** you. You have now been properly initiated

26- You must go through a lot of boyfriends/girlfriends if you dump them for little things like that.

HowAreYouToday 34

26- did your cat walk across the keyboard when you were typing in your username or did you have a seizure?

SanchoClaus25 6

Ok, I'm sorry.. but WHAT is that in your profile pic?

soccergurrll 8

Seriously I thought the same thing....... WHAT IS THAT

winnerme123 8

Looks like a fat lady getting a blow-job.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

That guy was obviously very tired of the stereo, and we all know: desperate times call for desperate measures.

lelo007 11

It's a fetish. I don't remember the exact name, Squashing, maybe? It's when a guy gets off by basically being smothered by a morbidly obese woman.

mpj13 8

That's really disgusting. Did you get pink eye?

The bacterial form of pink eye can be spread by getting fecal matter into your eye. Seeing as how she said she used it on her face he/she seems totally justified in asking that question.

BunchieRules 31

50 - You get punk eye by getting socked in the face after acting like an idiot.

Hey did you hear about that new disease? Punk eye? Yeah it has nothing to do with eyes, it's just a new fad after a retard spelled pink wrong on FML.

BunchieRules 31

Hey 92, did you hear about that new disease? It's called "nosenseofhumoritis". I think you might have it.

113 - Holy shit my comment was stupid. And yeah, the tests came out positive for 'nosenseofhumoritus'.

CountDuk 5

Giving an all-new definition to the term "shitfaced"

You should spray the loofah with hot sauce. Sometimes negative reinforcement is the only answer.

At this point, I think OP will just be throwing it away.

I feel like an idiot for asking this question, but what's a loofah?

She'll be the butt of all jokes for a while. And the jokes on her! Really...

DarkDaedalus009 8

Gross that's like imagining his ass is on your face and claiming it's clean

softpaws 17

He wants you to kiss his ass! :D

BunchieRules 31

And now that OP knows, she will never be able to wash that mental image away... at least, not with that same loofah.

OP may never be able to see his ass without this image coming to mind.

Iknowsomestuff 9

So... he knew the whole time it was wrong but waited weeks to mention it? That loofah should take one more trip to his ass, just a little further up this time.