By Worsttreeever - / Saturday 5 December 2009 05:15 / United States
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  Tigg3r  |  3

no not awwww!! Ewwwwww!!!! Ugh!! This FML made me shudder. I hate spiders. Let's hope it isn't camel spider babies. Or black widows. Vaccum,exterminator, something!! I don't care play "Squash the spider" with your kids or something!!

By  shanster  |  3

i hope you have one of those portable vacuums (like the ones for stairs), so you can just go around sucking up all the spiders...if not i would move out immediately.


i don't know about you, but I am already sick of all the Christmas commercials and songs. we don't want the Christmas spirit to fade before Santa actually comes, do we?

  zorn___  |  0

So, I assume you have no clue what advent is. Those are the four Sundays before Christmas, during which Christians should have their tree up.


#42 honestly, I've never heard of it. in my country almost no one decorates the tree until the 23rd or so. but we're not Catholic, so that might be the reason. or not.
I just wanted to know why, all of a sudden, everyone starts decorating trees. 3 weeks in advance.

  AinsleyJo1952  |  0

I love the different things happening on the days leading up to Christmas such as looking at the lights, the wonderful 12-hour marathon of Christmas movies on The Hallmark Channel, and, yes, even the commercials!

  Nabee143  |  3

I don't know about anyone here, but my family and I decorate our tree after Thanksgiving. I like having it up and looking at it. I think it's a waste of time putting it up if you're only going to have it up for a few days. C'mon now, putting your tree up on the 23rd of December? That's kinda cutting it close there. And besides, who doesn't need a little extra Christmas spirit!

  freePhantom  |  12

I think you spelled "inspires" incorrectly. You should be thankful they waited until it was the same month as the holiday they were aiming to celebrate..

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