By Anonymous - 01/11/2010 23:56 - Canada

Today, I went into a haunted house. Around 30 seconds into the adventure, I couldn't stop screaming at the top of my lungs from all of the scares. Suddenly, the little girl ahead of me, who was all by herself, turned around and told me to "suck it up and grow a pair, loser." FML
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so ur a male and a little girl told u out?! please don't say u were also on a date...


people who reply to this comment are stupid! :D

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Grow a pear. Ha! Anyway, I love playing around on stuf like doin stupid stuff on rollercoasters or somathing "scary" an yelling in a funny voice and weird accent "Sumbady healp may!" (somebody help me)

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^ It's really not the same on the internet.

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#38, reading your comment made me want to bash my head against my keyboard.

good. I hope you die from the head trauma

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agreed! I hate people that just can't control theirselves. its very irritating

I think anyone that refers to a haunted house as an "adventure" is seriously testicularly challenged.

i think that anyone one who says over exagerating doesn't deserve to speak. It's just exagerating. No over.

am tired of all the grammar Nazis. ur not the only ones who speaks English. relax!! it's not a big deal.

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But what if the girl wasn't even there?

your a male and a little girl told you out.... sorry :(

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He just got tried like a free sample at Cosco xD (I don't know how to spell it please don't kill me grammar natzi people)

so ur a male and a little girl told u out?! please don't say u were also on a date...

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that would be to funny if he was! lol

Take it easy. What are you going to do after your 30th marriage anniversary?

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lol only If his wife wants a wimp for a man