By Ugh - 20/09/2011 10:07 - United States

Today, I discovered that the ancient looking coin I dug up in my front yard is worth hundreds of dollars. Too bad I found that coin when I was eight years-old, and have since misplaced it. FML
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Time to mess up your entire house searching for it lol


Today, after weeks of searching, I finally found a priceless coin I had previously lost. Turns out it was just a really rusted over penny. FML.

fthislyfe 22

When I was a kid I was constantly digging our front yard to find a treasure. All I got was a rusty piece of metal. I was very happy though.

And there you found your pet dog's remains, the same dog your parents told you that ran away

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I'd be searching for it if I was you

xSniperx_fml 5

I'm sorry OP, best be finding it! :D

Maybe you thought you were a dog that day and reburied it? 8 year olds and their imagination. Lol

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That's not even that bad, unless you're depserate for money. Since it's been years you can't really regret it.

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Time to mess up your entire house searching for it lol

That must just suck. I've always hated when things like that happen. how did you know it was worth hundreds of dollars if you lost it?

I need to know what I stand to win. Everything. You stand to win everything. You mean like hundreds of dollars? Um... no, I meant your... I hope it's a puppy. Oh how I love p- I'm going to kill you if you get it wrong.

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I'm sorry for my lame joke. I watched No Country For Old Men last night and it's still thick in my veins. I'll try harder next time.

Ha ha! I just watched No Country For Old Men too. I got that right away. Good comment no matter what people rate it, they are just not cultured enough to get it.

Just move on, coin collecting is so boring anyways.

No it is not. I have a 1992 US penny worth 1000. I got it back as change. It is a fun hobby. Better than being on FML all day.

24, I'm intrigued, how was a 92 penny worth so much, when it isn't that old even. I've got a pile of 50's pennies thats only worth like two bucks total

RedPillSucks 31

Some times there's an error in the minting, like stuff stamped twice or upside down. If there's only a few of those errors, the coins can be worth a lot, even if it's a new coin. Of course, sometimes they do this on purpose to encourage collecting.

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I don't collect coins, but I do happen to have a few foreign ones. It's kinda cool, they come in different shapes and everything.

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Yeah I have been collecting for only a 2 weeks and have collected 3 war nickels and 2 1913 mercury dimes. That's worth about 300 bucks in all. All I have been doing is paying in cash for smaller purchases and looking through my change, so I think it is totally worth it, definitely in this economy!

Dude, u totally deserved it you see a weird looking coin which looks old and you do not keep it safe in wait for the coin collectors to value it?

RedPillSucks 31

He did say he was eight at the time. Totally understandable. OP, just move on. There's nothing you can do about it now.

Oh right sorry din read that part, I thought he found it 8 years ago

Look at the bright side it isnt like your losing out on any money

Only hundreds of dollars he could've got for free