By mammasboy - 21/05/2013 18:30 - United States - Springfield

Today, my mom scolded me and threatened to ground me for coming home past midnight. Normally, it wouldn't be unreasonable, except for the fact that I'm 24 years-old, and that my parents live with me, in my own house. FML
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mylifeisgreat9 13

Kick them out. They seem like terrible people

friedpwnadge 25

Threaten to give them a curfew if they insist on insulting you in your own home.


mylifeisgreat9 13

Kick them out. They seem like terrible people

Why not just kick out the bitchy mom? The dad didn't say anything, he's likely sick of her too!

Time to have a sit down with your parents about moving out.

I can't believe how many people are saying kick them out lol. IF she was being serious then I'd just have a talk with her. Chances are she was joking around though? I mean who honestly threatens their 24 year old son with grounding. Kick them out? What if they are in a rough spot right now? That would be pretty heartless regardless if she was kidding or not, it's his mom and dad for Pete's sake.

Why would you kick your parents out? Talk to them, but how ungrateful can you be to the people that raised you, payed for your every little thing, and obviously still care enough to look out for you're well-being? As unnecessary as the whole grounding thing is, at least show a little respect

47, are you an idiot? The fact that his parents are living with him in itself shows a great deal of respect, especially in this day and age.

You don't talk about kicking your parents out especially after all the bullshit they presumably had to put up with you when you were a teenager

Jelbeztok 17

#57 OP never said anything about kicking them out and not all teens are troublemakers.

@47: The "oh, but they raised you" argument is crap. When people have kids, it is a choice. That carries with it an obligation to take care of the child(ren). Don't think that's fair? Well, don't have kids, then. The kid gets no choice in having parents, and for them to allow the parents to live in their home (quite possibly rent-free) entitles them to the respect of the parents, not the other way around. It's the mother who needs to show respect for her grown offspring. She can always move out if she doesn't like the status quo.

Damn, that's harsh. OP is 24, so the parents are probably late 40s, early 50s tops. OP needs to remind them of the house rules; as a parent, I've had to bite my tongue a few times with my 20 something, and most of the time I've been successful. It's not always easy to realize that your child is an adult who can make their own decisions, but most of us at least try.

^agree, though I'm around OP's age and my parents are mid-60s. I'd personally never put them in a home but by the time I turned 18 I started asserting my own independence little by little and now my parents know that honor =/= unquestioned obedience. OP should have put in tje aame obedience so this sort of crap wouldn't be an issue.

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baileygirl88 8

I agree with 49, to say OPs parents are in their 40s or 50s is pushing it..I'm only a yr older and my parents are in their 60s. Not related to the original post exactly but I did want to add my 2 cents.. daughter is 28 and I'm 56, so it's not really pushing it.

50, you can. Under the 200 seconds, you can press the pencil icon that appears on the upper right hand corner of your posted comment. Then try to edit it immediately after you posted your comment.

monnanon 13

i dont see why 22s second comment has been marked down. most people who are under 25 probably will have parents that are around their 50th year because people are more likely to have kids in their 20s than in their 30s. im 26, my mum is 47 and my dad is 54 and most of my friends have parents around the same age or with the same age gap.

lorraineald 7

I'm 18 and my dad is already 54. I have a friend who's also 18 and her mom is 59. A lot of people are waiting until their 30s to have kids. Don't assume everyone's parents are like your own.

monnanon 13
yryilmaz 13

I agree. My younger sister's friend is 14, and her mum is 55.

friedpwnadge 25

Threaten to give them a curfew if they insist on insulting you in your own home.

BellaBelle_fml 23

^ They will come to regret having ever said those words to their children as they were growing up!

Yep, it's a bitch when your words come back and bite you in the ass lol. (And yes, I speak from experience.)

MeloTooNice7 7

Hopefully they have, or are looking for, a job so they can move out of your house. But for now, goodbye to your sex life.

Why good bye? It's his house, if they don't like it, they can leave.

i don't know about you but I find it a little difficult to have sex with my parents in the house, regardless of age

joeyl2008 29

Yeah I also find it difficult to have sex with my parents.

I would suggest maybe some new ground rules, like, my house my rules. Otherwise I don't see them being very good housemates on a long term basis.

oj101 33

No matter how old you are, they will always be your parents and authority figure, regardless of the situation.

Thats bull. They are an adult in their own home. Their parents should follow their rules now not the other way around.

try telling that to Mexican parents .__.

JustStella 28

There comes a point in life when the relationship with you and your parents changes. It is still one of respect, but you are your own authority.

They live in your house, that follow your rules, right?

Tell them they should live by your rules.

Ignore what they say and do as you please. Ground you in your own house... Hmm.

Agreed but gasp! Coldplay does not suck! Lol listen to paradise or peponi :)

I agree. You are allowed to do whatever you want in your house. Of course with your parents around it might be a little restricted.

Peponi means melon in Greek. You're welcome.