By Sexless4Life - 05/08/2013 18:33 - United States - Cincinnati

Today, I realized that it's been well over a month since my boyfriend has even tried to have sex with me. The last time was our first time, and because he couldn't keep it up, he's too humiliated to accept any of my advances. FML
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flashback.miss 28

Talk to him, and try to find ways to spice it up.


flashback.miss 28

Talk to him, and try to find ways to spice it up.

I think talking about it would embarrass him more. I don't think you can really do anything but wait.

LittleGreenPaola 23

Communication and confidence are essential in a relationship. They must talk about it! Waiting in silence won't help at all

Can people stop it with the 'spice it up' comment. Its freaking annoying

knoxxx 22

And by talking we don't mean simply telling him that you're upset that you haven't had sex in month, that would probably just make him feel more pressure to preform. Being comfortable enough to talk about the sex you're having, both the good and the bad parts, makes a huge difference.

Yeah OP, ask what he's into ;) you might be able to persuade him

42- You shouldn't judge people for their cinnamon fetish!

TheModernPatriot 14

Spicing it up isn't the problem If the last time was their first time. He may have a testosterone issue which needs to be checked out.

tatsumahyuu 5

Role playing usually works wonders

Give him time or talk it out maybe you'll get him in the mood again

Practice makes perfect! Don't give up, make sure he knows its not a big deal to you when an attempt fails, but it is important to you that keep trying. (Assuming you guys are an appropriate age..) Sex should be fun, and being nervous is natural, but don't let it stop your relationship from blossoming.

yeah, and the man attached to it must be feeling pretty bad too...

48, That has GOT to be the most intelligent comment I've ever seen on FML. Thank you for your input, Ma'am.

get ducktape, viagra, some ropes, and a good sturdy chair. ;)

vballgirly28 16

Weird. If you just give him time he might eventually come around... but I wouldn't exactly get your hopes up.

If she can get her hopes up, she's doing better than he is.

Tell him he did fine. He is obviously insecure about it so make him feel comfortable.

Don't confront him angrily; that'll just embarrass him. Do it nicely. And "help him out", if you know what I mean. And ask if he should see a doc about erectile distinction.

Damn it; typo. My fault. Thank you for pointing it out.

lissa_jade 22

not sure that would work out in her favor... if it was their first time, he was probably nervous and it obviously didn't go well. she probably shouldn't jump right to "hunny, I love you, but do you have erectile dysfunction?" once he finally feels comfortable talking about it..

splinteredApple 36

He might not have erectile dysfunction, some guys can't keep it up well the first few times.

Mynameislinh 24

Give him some time, because he may not really be ready yet.

Sinistra_Blue 12

Nearly every guy experiences it in their life. I can see why it would be embarrassing, especially on the first try, but get him to realize that one incident doesn't mean he can never perform. Chances are he was just really nervous and that should go away after a few sessions. Good luck, OP, may your life be filled with plenty of fun (and safe) sex

Speak for yourself. I have never experienced that in my life. Maybe he just has premature type problems.