By OhBoy - 05/08/2013 19:10 - United States - Lake Saint Louis

Today, I realized why my water bill has gone down so much. My 16 year old daughter now only feels it necessary to shower whenever her boyfriend is going to come over. FML
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Rosebudx 32

Try a scare tactic and ask her what's going to happen if her boyfriend comes over to surprise her. I bet that'll put her on a regular shower schedule.


Soniye 14

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maniaccy 8

Make a deal with her boyfriend and make him come over every other day. Problem solved.

K410 18

Doesn't matter free money to the dad lol

Just subtly mention it to him, that'll put a stop to it one way or another!

DenBriZel 31

I'm assuming that the boyfriend doesn't know, and the daughter is too lazy to shower so she only does when he comes over so she smells most fresh right before they sex it up. However, IF they ARE sexing it up, she probably should be showering AFTER since it's a workout and she probably doesn't smell too wonderful afterwards..

Maybe she wants to bask in the post-sex musk for as long as possible, but doesn't want him to find her gross for doing so. Or maybe she's like Patrick from spongebob and really loves her grime, but loves her boyfriend slightly more. There's so many possibilities, really, but all are pretty nasty.

PterodactylMan 23

Thank her for not spending any

SwaggCapone 11

That's just straight up laziness. I feel sorry for her bf

It's just, so romantic. "You're the only reason I shower."

your profile pic made it seem like thats what the doctor was saying to the patient

XxgreymoonxX 8

Your picture made your comment so much better

you picture makes this so much funnier

Rosebudx 32

Try a scare tactic and ask her what's going to happen if her boyfriend comes over to surprise her. I bet that'll put her on a regular shower schedule.

What if she decides to take 5 showers a day :o

Rosebudx 32

Explain that her skin and hair would quickly dry out so badly that bottles and bottles of lotion and hair moisturizing hair serum wouldn't help.

Or better yet, invite him over as a surprise. Don't just let her think about it - make her feel it.

At least you're saving money. I'm pretty sure since its summer half of the teens in the world are doing the same thing.

I can honestly say I shower once a day. And depending how hot/humid, twice ._.

LittleGreenPaola 23

"since it's summer"? Showers should be intensified in summer!

It usually gets hotter in the summer... why would people shower less...?

Well I guess I was the weird kid then... This explains so much...

He did say half the teens. So that must mean you guys are in the other half. I shower every day, but I don't think my sister does. Also, I feel like it's more common for boys to stop showering regularly during the summer than it is for girls

I personally shower much less in the summer. Mostly because I'm swimming in the lake pretty much every day.

As a teen myself, I do tend to shower less during the summer because I'm not seeing anyone I know outside of my immediate family, so what does it matter if I don't shower?

Ugh, have I been doing it wrong all this time? I usually shower twice a day.

mcaisse77 17

I shower like every two days. I have no reason to even get dressed in the summer usually, since I live in the middle of nowhere and can't drive. I guess I'm just weird. And lazier than I thought...

I guess I was also the weird kid who didn't shower during the summer unless something was happening.

I am a teen and I have to say this is fact. ._. The laziness level jump 400% when summer began.

Goblin182 26

#45, You don't shower after swimming in the lake? You do know fish **** in that water.

I shower after swimming in a lake, mostly because a few people still drop their shit in it. I usually won't shower however if I spend my day in a chlorinated pool. Still I'll shower the next day even if I spent that day in the pool too..

Well I'd say it's better than the alternative, a bit much perhaps but better than never showering for him!

*realizes he completely misread the FML...facepalms self repeatedly*

Well, how often does he come over? If he does so every (other) day I don't see the problem.

think it's safe to assume its not that frequent If their water bill has dropped so noticeably.

Sometimes I just lose faith in my generation.

There's people like that in every generation. God, I'm tired of seeing these type of comments all the time lol. Or "faith in humanity restored."

Although this isn't a reason to lose faith in a generation, I still think this generation is one of the shittiest. I look at the 11 year olds in their booty shorts and crop tops, talking like they haven't got a brain in their head, and I just stop and think, 'THIS is our future.'

42- if you think this generation sucks blame the generation that brought them up. Every generation has problems.

42 - Most of them will grow out of it and the ones that don't will amount to nothing. We'll be fine.

KinkyCurly 13

#57 has a point. Maybe it wouldn't make a difference with every kid, but it would with many.

Go back 300 400 years, and they were probably just the same - or at least the equivalent for the time, showing off their ankles or something. Only difference was that they were getting ready to get married, rather than getting ready to try to have underage sex.