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By  Soniye  |  14

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  DenBriZel  |  31

I'm assuming that the boyfriend doesn't know, and the daughter is too lazy to shower so she only does when he comes over so she smells most fresh right before they sex it up. However, IF they ARE sexing it up, she probably should be showering AFTER since it's a workout and she probably doesn't smell too wonderful afterwards..

  cristy91  |  33

Maybe she wants to bask in the post-sex musk for as long as possible, but doesn't want him to find her gross for doing so. Or maybe she's like Patrick from spongebob and really loves her grime, but loves her boyfriend slightly more. There's so many possibilities, really, but all are pretty nasty.

  slooby_fml  |  25

He did say half the teens. So that must mean you guys are in the other half. I shower every day, but I don't think my sister does. Also, I feel like it's more common for boys to stop showering regularly during the summer than it is for girls

  mcaisse77  |  17

I shower like every two days. I have no reason to even get dressed in the summer usually, since I live in the middle of nowhere and can't drive. I guess I'm just weird. And lazier than I thought...

  geko911  |  22

I shower after swimming in a lake, mostly because a few people still drop their shit in it. I usually won't shower however if I spend my day in a chlorinated pool. Still I'll shower the next day even if I spent that day in the pool too..


Although this isn't a reason to lose faith in a generation, I still think this generation is one of the shittiest. I look at the 11 year olds in their booty shorts and crop tops, talking like they haven't got a brain in their head, and I just stop and think, 'THIS is our future.'

  BrotherPhil  |  32

Go back 300 400 years, and they were probably just the same - or at least the equivalent for the time, showing off their ankles or something. Only difference was that they were getting ready to get married, rather than getting ready to try to have underage sex.