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By  bloopaloop  |  27

It’s probably not an emotion issue. Your cooter or your butthole might be smelly. I put a dollar on getting laid after addressing that.

Haters can hate, but I’m the giving helpful advise.

By  ImpKit  |  7

You need to talk to him and find out what's up. Not hints. Nothing subtle. Sit down and have an honest, frank, shame & blame-free conversation. Were you and he previously intimate or is this a new relationship? If new, he might be asexual but still want a romantic connection. Is he experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression? Any of those can kill the libido. Regardless... you need to talk with him.

By  jabc34  |  8

sounds like my life but I found that my wife has several other partners her excuse she can't stop cheating so now we are in a open relationship what changes nothing she has others I have me good luck op hope you figure it out

By  Hangryko  |  17

I know what you're going through, OP. Thoroughly communicate with him how his lack of motivation for sex is affecting you. In the meantime he should see a doctor to get his testosterone levels checked as well as his general health. If no outstanding physical or mental health issues that would affect his libido (such as depression) are discovered, consider couples therapy. Otherwise, unless you're willing to accept the lack of physical intimacy, it may be time to leave the relationship.