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By  bloopaloop  |  27

It’s probably not an emotion issue. Your cooter or your butthole might be smelly. I put a dollar on getting laid after addressing that.

Haters can hate, but I’m the giving helpful advise.

By  ImpKit  |  7

You need to talk to him and find out what's up. Not hints. Nothing subtle. Sit down and have an honest, frank, shame & blame-free conversation. Were you and he previously intimate or is this a new relationship? If new, he might be asexual but still want a romantic connection. Is he experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression? Any of those can kill the libido. Regardless... you need to talk with him.

By  jabc34  |  8

sounds like my life but I found that my wife has several other partners her excuse she can't stop cheating so now we are in a open relationship what changes nothing she has others I have me good luck op hope you figure it out