By Patricia - 01/10/2011 23:30 - United States

Today, I tried to have sex with my boyfriend three times, but every time he insisted that he wasn't in the mood. I left to get food and when I came home, he was masturbating. FML
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Ouch, I would throw his food away and tell him to buy his own shit from now on!

You should've taken over and saved him some work. ;)


Ouch, I would throw his food away and tell him to buy his own shit from now on!

That Saves you time, strip down and start riding!

Kidha bhangu lol, Ye u should've stripped down ahaha

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1- who said that OP was buying stuff for her boyfriend?

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Was he watching the food network? That shit gets me all hot and turned on too... ******* creme fraiche

Naw, I'm sure it was just Brazilian fart ****.

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42- she just needs to start exercising with the shake weights.

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Maybe you're a self centered douche bag!?

OP, two can play that game. Wait till he begs for sex, and do likewise.

Do not underestimate the bond between a man and his hands.

There's 2 explanations , either he's gay or OP is so ugly !

Op dont take it so seriously! It wuz there before you showed up and its gonna be there wayyyyy after you leave ;)

Maybe the problem is that she is always gettin her food on. Not everyone's into that

Just because OP has a ****** doesn't mean that sex with her is better than with a hand.

69- just cos you string words together doesn't mean you actually make any sense...

Actually, that may be true. Many, many men would rather ********** than have sex. Go to and you will find out. Masturbating gives a different pleasure than sex. Also, masturbating is quicker (just thought I'd put that in). Sorry OP, maybe next time.

Or when OP was out buying food he became really horny and she wasn't there so the only way he could control himself was to play with himself. Totally understandable.

Your boyfriend is lazy. FYL for having a bad boyfriend.

the only gf a man will ever need .. "palm"ala Anderson:D

Ugh! That's totally not true. One, a lot of men find her fakeness (boobs, hair, all the makeup, etc) unattractive. Two, a relationship provides a companionship/partnership that a hand can never replace. We all know masturbation is a lot less work and has it's place in every relationship but to choose it over your partner is a huge rejection. So sorry OP.

My asshole partner does the same. Ugh ??

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There's a very good chance you and Op's boyfriends are gay.

Wtf... That's supposed to be the option when ur NOT AROUND! not when u are around!! The man I been with for 6 years, husband of 4 of those years let's me know if I go to sleep without giving him any all types of violations is goin to happen!

umm my ex boyfriend did that all the time. he actually had a masturbation / addiction to **** problem. Get out now if he's not wanting to get help for it. it only gets worse and you start to feel horrible about yourself if you don't already. He would ********** for the entire time I was at work then not be into it for when I got home. like I said, get out now!

Yep mine has that problem too. Sighs. Men suck.

Go after women. I'm sure they're WAAAAY less complicated for you to deal with... And either way you're trying something new

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Then take an active interest in what he's watching, and re-enact it. Or if that's beyond the question, sit there with him and make him feel awkward about it. Don't just complain and leave... If you really care about your boyfriend, then something like this can't get in the way of your relationship. If that's something you can't/will not do, then congratulations you figured out that you really don't care about him. You are just using the relationship so that you can either a) have sex without being called a **** b) have financial support/ a place to stay c) need the attention.

Sometimes a guy just wants to enjoy himself don't take it personally OP

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To me masturbation is way different. sex involves effort to emotionally and physically please your partner. masturbation is easy. don't feel bad he didn't feel like it. he just feels if he has sex with you that you deserve his full effort. :)

It may seem selfish but I totally agree with karagarren.

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the hand maybe does a better job? I don't know I'm just spit ballin here.....

Men are pigs yes, but cheating on you with his hand? Dispicable...

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You know, some girls do that too... But I can see why you would call men pigs. I've heard that girls don't poo.

You should've taken over and saved him some work. ;)

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Maybe he's actually homosexual....

oh here we go with the retarded gay comments..

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Oh here we go with the " oh here we go " retarded hater questions.

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Check your gaydar if it's still working properly