By mylifesucks - United States - Ellijay
Today, I was walking down the street and saw a man trip over a sign. He then grabbed his cane, started screaming, and began beating the sign. Apparently that didn't release his anger, so he began to beat the nearest car. I thought it was hilarious, until I noticed it was my car. FML
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Just like your comment, 36. Are you really that tightly wound that you feel a need to comment about an extra space before a punctuation mark in a stranger's post on a humor-based forum? Holy shit. This flawed world is going to give you a stroke before you are out of your 20s. Just breathe. And repeat.


Really? The spaces are more disruptive to the sentence than that comment was to the whole thread? I am an editor for a living but you can't police the world. This site sometimes is like hanging out with my junior high English teacher. Not fun. But if the whole superiority thing floats your boat then have at it. Hope that works for you over the long haul.

  Queensland  |  27

Sounds like you're going to have a stroke before you even press the back button on this FML. Also sounds like you're more wound up than I am. Take your own advice: Breathe, and repeat. ;)

  ruchiee  |  6

As long as she gets her message across then so be it. Are you guys seriously gonna start EN 101 on here? To each their own go preach someone other than strangers on their habits. Just saying. Live and let live.