By Anon - 13/06/2009 05:17 - United States

Today, I realized that I've been a member of eHarmony for almost a year. No one has ever contacted me out of the 134 people I've been "scientifically" matched with. FML
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eHarmony is full of bigots, anyhow. Go out more, you're wasting your money. They don't even accept gays, the bastards.

Why don't you try contacting them?


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Haha. I'm sorry but that's really funny.

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haha aww. i'm hoping the reason is because you didn't have a photo, or a proper description or something..

@ #9 my thoughts exactly! Sloppy moderating.

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#9, yeah... Where's the FML???

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Contacting goes both ways you know... Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to message you, become pro active about your love life. You obviously aren't one of those people for whom others fight to talk to, or else you wouldm't be on eHarmomy, or someone would have messaged you at least. Only you can make yourself happy!

Hahaha the FML is missing! Just wait when the list gets down to 100, and someone's like, "OMGZ WAT R U TALKIN' ABOUTS??!!! THE FML IS THERE!" Obviously, it will be edited for you future morons out there.

Stop complaining, and do something about it. Stop waiting for people to come to you.

urm you shouldnt just wait for them to come to you, actually do something and try contacting THEM

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Just be more out going have fun and in time you will meet some one. The wrong some one (believe me) but that will teach you the things you need to push toward the right person

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OKCupid is awesome, free and not full of and run by hateful Christian bigots. Or you can score a nice Jewish lover on J-date. I highly recommend Jewish people as lovers.