The curse

By Anonymous - 04/05/2020 20:00

Today, at a time when dating app usage is at an all time high, in 3 months I've only managed 4 likes and one brief match on Bumble. I'm not terrible looking by any means, yet I'm weeks away from my 8-year anniversary of being single. Am I cursed or something? FML
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silvermoon5033 26

It might not be your face, but your personality that's ugly.

One of the reasons why I reject some matches on other apps is because after talking to them, I get a lot of red flags. Desperation is off putting.


N30n0m4n 2

You are not cursed I am cursed I am been single 1.5 years

She’s been single for eight

Seriously is the op m/f? Just curious where you saw that?

If you want to message me I can take a look at your profile and let you know if there’s anything you should change on it! I’m a 22f who uses Bumble

Going on 5 years myself

AbuFudayl 9

That’s sad.

silvermoon5033 26

It might not be your face, but your personality that's ugly.

One of the reasons why I reject some matches on other apps is because after talking to them, I get a lot of red flags. Desperation is off putting.

Marcella1016 31

Agreed. It’s unfortunate, but excitement can come off as desperation. Try to be a bit low-key. Get to know people without bringing up big relationship questions right away. And don’t put details like that in your profile. Instead of: “Looking for the one! I can’t wait to settle down and have a family and be swept off my feet!” Try: “Looking to date and get to know new people with the possibility of developing into something more. Can’t wait to have fun new experiences when this quarantine is over! And have fun conversations in the meantime :)” ^Last two sentences are optional but make it less dry. But could be a starting point for the direction you want to go in. I think mine had something like “Let’s get to know each other :)” Don’t overdo it, but sometimes a smiley or two helps. You seem more friendly.

Marcella1016 31

I was on several dating apps after a long period of singleness. I carefully curated my profile description and pictures and got likes and dates (and eventually met the person I have been with now for a year and a half). My short advice: - Sound interesting but not too wordy. - Highlight things you like to do that other people consider fun as well. - Try to think of at least one thing about yourself or an experience that is memorable. - Diversify your pictures. Have some photos of you doing different things that you like. One pic of me was interacting with an elephant on a trip to Thailand. Another was on a motorcycle. A third was a piece of artwork I’d done. - (*Bonus side note - I went through allll my social media and many of my phone pictures and created an entire album of pics in my phone to choose from. I sometimes rotated if it didn’t seem I was getting enough attention.) - I also tried to be just a little charming with a couple light witty phrases that I don’t remember. - Regardless of what you want, sound interested but not desperate for a relationship, - for some reason that tends to put people off. I said something like “I love meeting new people and am looking for dating with the possibility of becoming something more” or something like that. Express that sentiment in your own words. - One thing I might do if I was still single is add something like “Looking for interesting people to chat with during quarantine” - a low-stakes way to just strike up conversations with people that could possible develop into something else. Ok that wasn’t short sorry - brevity is not my strong suit lol. But I can take a look at your profile for you if you’d like. Wish you the best of luck - don’t worry you will find the one for you!

I’d just get off tinder, it’s such a materialistic app, not even going to find a real relationship there! Also in this quarantine time I like to give myself confidence and say that I’m not getting matches for social distancing reasons. I’d go to eharomony. Those ladies/men are looking for a real thing. And will actually read through your profile.

Mentioning your looks points me to your first mistake. Dating sites aren't for face pictures. You should post an artistic, well-lit photograph of your genitals. That's what the ladies really want. You're gonna need to glue some googly eyes to your dick to get past the puritanical filters. Pro tip: don't use Super Glue. Trust me on this one.

idris red 6

you are not cursed. maybe you didnt met anyone who you like yet

tounces7 27

They did a study on this. If you're a guy, and you're 8/10 or better in the looks department, you may as well be 1/10. So, unless you're super hot, the content of your profile is all you're gonna have going for you, so better make it good. That also rules out things like Tinder and Bumble. "Decent" looking guys cannot use those apps successfully.