By educatttiiioonnn - 26/09/2010 00:15 - United States

Today, I made exactly 400 flashcards of my vocab that I had to memorize. It took me over 3 hours to make them and hours to remember them. Proud of myself, I showed them to my friends. Then my friends notified me I had memorized the wrong section. FML
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MissGrinch 4

At least you expanded your vocabulary. Hopefully.

perdix 29

Maybe if you attended class from time to time, you'd know what section everyone else was studying.


happens to all of us... if its the section before, be like " im ahead bitches" (: thats all

tweetbaby14 18

oh crap you're from Michigan... we need to send all the dumb people away, so we can get educational funding, if no one buys our cars( Ford, GM, Chrysler, __[others I'm forgetting if any]__).

free2speak 14

400 flashcards? Really? Why couldn't you just memorize them out of the book instead of wasting several hours to make them in the first place? This bothers me more than the fact that it wasn't even the right section to begin with.

Because (and this is a proven fact) some people remember things better if they write them down and read them over. It's like taking notes in class, it doesn't just give you notes, but also leaves a better memory in your brains. It's actually a really good way to memorize things that don't really make sense, like loose words. If it's something like history it also works, but reading and understanding is also a really big part of it.

why would you not check that? or more important, do you have a life?

I've done the same thing except I wa outlining pages from my history book. I ended up doing 4 extra sections that weren't part of the assignment. We never covered them in class either after that :(

he has no life because he works his butt off to enhance his education?

AlyWallyy 0

#2 at least they try to get a good education and nt be like ur dumbass being a couch potato

tweetbaby14 18

They are going to have a life when they grow up, get a great job, and become rich while you will live in a cardboard box and beg for food

MargieDrury 1

You all that says this person has no life you guys are bitches education is really important in life today. So stfu and try to learn.

Well at least you learned more then the rest of your class.

Well at least OP can spell. *referring to cupcakes bio*. You completely ruined the quote

Doomire 0

ydi dude. always double check your hw.

MissGrinch 4

At least you expanded your vocabulary. Hopefully.

Infamous_Hawk 6

that sucks balls...i did that in spanish haha feel bad for u........did u have to redo them? epic fail anyways

katherineann227 0

i hate when happens.. i feel so stupid after all the hardwork. sorry friend =(

LeoFML 1

How is that bad? You'll eventually do those words in the future.

Fail x400. Always double-check on that kind of stuff BEFORE you do it. Look before you leap, etc.

Arsonnist 3

Some people prefer to shoot first and aim later.