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By  daniel271  |  13

Better luck next time OP

By  SaltLord  |  10

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  SaltLord  |  10

#7 I know I'm already going to get bombarded with downvotes for all of my comments, but it's a little more risky meeting someone online. What you said can also be applied to real life as well. I guess we'll never know who's good or who's bad.

  alohaui  |  18

#9 I understand your concern. In fact, I feel that way myself. But you don't have to put yourself in a dangerous situation when you meet someone through the Internet. There are all sorts of public places to meet at in nearby cities or towns, apps you can communicate through (you would never have to give them your actual phone number that way), and then if you don't like them or turns out they didn't actually look like their pictures, you can politely decline them and move on. You don't have to put yourself in a dangerous situation. It really is up to you.

  Rabite  |  28

I used OkCupid for a while and just got weird messages from people who wanted a fuckdate on their business trip, guys looking for girls for a threesome with his girlfriend and above all stalkers, who made me feel uncomfortable walking around in public.
I also just found like 3 guys who were looking good enough for meeting them but they lived too far away.

I guess you just have to find the right dating platform that fits you and your needs.