By DrakeScott - 02/11/2011 18:14 - United States

Today, I completed the arduous, nearly hour-long process of answering the eHarmony dating questionnaire, only to be told my answers were too "unique" for them to match me with anyone. I had chosen "the world" as my distance range. FML
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lol thats better than the girl who was paired with her brother lol


XenaWP 6

Just go out, go to the pub for a quiet one and do the crossword, or join a sporting group/gym. I guarantee you'll find someone. :)

Is it not every man's dream to have sex with a hot alien babe?

My friend, you can find a partner in many places; A dating website is not your only option :) Plus, not everyone signs up for eHarmony so don't think you cannot be matched with anyone :)

The attrition rates of any one of these websites heavily outweighs the # of people they actually set up into a happy relationship, it's really more like a lottery; thats the part they don't advertise!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Well at least she's thankful! Nice to see a kid nowadays truly appreciate a good grammatical lesson.

^ Oh shut up. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Grammatical Nazi would be more like a Nazi who's grammatical. Grammar lover is okay, and so is Grammar Nazi. Anyway, reply to the proper comment next time.

I love people who are unique... I am certain there is someone out there for you - if I'm married, there's hope for EVERYONE!!!

Don't worry OP, eHarmony can't find you a match because you are too good for everyone else, stay strong you will find that perfect someone one day (:

haha try the solar system...if youre into martians and that sorta thing

Moral of the story, eHarmony sucks, meet someone in real life.

bizarre_ftw 21

No! Move! Just because yours was set to world doesn't mean your match's was

Damn_Hippster 11

It just means that your 1 in 7 billion!

bizarre_ftw 21

Not entirely, but somewhat, all the same I don't care as my sleep deprived, power deprived, HOT WATER and HEAT IN GENERAL deprived brain is having fun ^_^

DizzyDancer 3

actually I met my husband on e-harmony. Bars got annoying and it's tough to meet people sometimes. Don't worry to much op, I know 3 or 4 people that got the same result, there are other free dating sites you can try!

There he goes. Home boy ****** a Martian once.

icefshng8 9

#45 - Not to mention the lottery of when you message someone. After all, on the paid ones, they still let member join up but not message, so if you message someone there's a big chance they haven't paid and can't actually message you back. Which is something else they don't tell you in the adverts.

OP, dont worry too much about it. Just stop for a second and think about it. All it is is a computer matching stats about you. Sometimes they slip up, but that shouldn't put you down. Take this example. The new Facebook lists. I click on 'Closest Friends' and it tells me I have none, when I actually do. It's just the way things are being matched up. So don't take it to heart.

xXCherrryBombXx 6

60- you have a boyfriend... read her profile......

There's always someone for everyone don't wry :) even if u gotta dumb it down

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Only desperate, standardless people resort to dumbing it down. You'll find someone OP. You just have to STOP looking. It works for finding your keys, so it will work for finding your girl.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Ok, ok, * it will work for finding your desired (hopefully) human being. I think that covers everyone. Did I leave someone out? Anyone?

59, your tattoo looks like a nipple on your hip :)

leadman1989 15

59 SEE I TOLD you it looked like a nipple!!! Lol.

bizarre_ftw 21

59 - one could argue you're discriminating against non human - human matches ^_^ (you did ask sincerely A. Troll)

Whaaaa? No love for sheep? Man, some Scotsmen are gonna get pissed...

59-Robots? Octopi? Hmmm...nope that's all the wierd pairings I can think of at the moment!

The welsh* not the Scottish. Get your stereotypes right !

amanda_smith54 4

Hell yeah! As the only male nun, OP'd have the run of those bitches! They're "married to God," but He's been neglecting His conjugal duties lately...

Yep! Just like that one canadian. Very special indeed.

apparently special people are too special to be taken...

epiikgangster11 2

He is special just like everyone else is special

ninjafire3 2

I like mah ladies purpul with three vaginas and furry cankles. I know some guys like the camel-toe but I'm looking for the whole hump :D

kaytayhay18 0

What a coincidence. You just described me. Except I have four vaginas. Does that ruin it? :(

lol thats better than the girl who was paired with her brother lol

hoodyNOT2shoes 0

You rememer that too?!?!?!??!? But your right, it is kind of better!

CrizzyCream 1

Thanks for the English lesson... ******* grammar nazis

^ just like proffesor trewlaney the only time she predicts somethig right someone dies… And number 30 if he's helping you be thankful. He's just tryig to make you smarter and better.

stacianichole 2

No, come ON! This is not that hard, and everyone should know the difference between your and you're by the end of elementary school! This shit is easy, people! Learn it!!!

twofirstnames: I think that it is SO ******* IRONIC that you claim to be a grammar nazi on your profile. I actually let out a giggle. FYI: YOU'RE* doing it wrong.

bizarre_ftw 21

30 - lol 36 - *giggles behind hand* 89 - lol seriously! But then again, who didn't see that coming?! It's death 24/7 with her, eventually someone is going to kick the bucket ^_^ 114 - this shit is easy, autocorrect is stupid, touch screens are shifty, people are tired (and some are just stupid) 141 - so are you....

Really? What mistake did I make exactly?

bizarre_ftw 21

Btw, 141, best ov lick tsing to finger our esakly Wat your soing rong (^_^ a mix of autocorrect faux pas and intentional stupidity, your welcome, enjoy deciphering [if you can't tell, I'm tired and this thread annoyed me])

bizarre_ftw 21

Oh, your mistake wasn't in grammar, I never specified exactly which field you are butchering :)

Well then your comment toward me was kind of pointless.

bizarre_ftw 21

(i was having trouble getting my response up) Not entirely, but somewhat, all the same I don't care as my sleep deprived, power deprived, HOT WATER and HEAT IN GENERAL deprived brain is having fun ^_^ (also, for one, I'd like to point out the cliche at the end of the "I checked out your profile" comment, that equals failing to me)

Lol I don't tend to get along with people who start pointless crap because their "brain" is having "fun"

I never understood why people feel the need to correct others grammar on here. You still pronounce your or you're the same and as its not an essay or important document why does it matter?

drawmesunshine 17

147, TheIsland's post about all your mistakes ended up as a reply to the first post. He was criticising you for saying *grammar* Nazi, and arguing about how *grammatical* Nazi is the right way to say it. Something about adjectives. But actually *grammar* is the right way. A Nazi of grammar - A grammar Nazi. If it was gramatical Nazi, the nazi would be grammatical, and wtf does that mean? The teacher is mathmatical? No, that's stupid. Also, he said you didn't capitalize Nazi.

It took you a day to think that up? Simple response: Compare "Math teacher." to "Grammar Nazi." Nice try.

Thelsland, you're trying to be a smart ass. Stop. Grammar Nazi is correct.

Wait, I'm following you because I corrected you for the first time in my life? I've never even spoken to you before, and the fact you're claiming otherwise while ignoring my point just now, pretty much proves you're just trying to piss people off. Your trolling sucks.

"Definently"? REALLY? And of course I commented again. It's a ******* conversation thread. Yeah, you really suck at this trolling business, so I'm not even going to waste any more time on you, dickweed.

You make yourself look worse with every comment Thelsland.

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0
yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

*your.. Sorry, my iPod's spellcheck acts up sometimes.

stacianichole 2

My autocorrect turned almish into almost. What spellcheck gives you non-existent words?

leadman1989 15

I think he meant it didn't fix it. And also I ONCE spelled you as YUO for comedic effect and now it always auto corrects a you to that. -_- FML

bizarre_ftw 21

It autocorrects me to you? What? :) :P

bizarre_ftw 21
yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

Yeah, sorry for my ignorant spelling, everyone. I hate when people have grammar mistakes... I'm a hypocrite.

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

115-My spellcheck loves to mess up. Anytime I type the word "in" it make it "I'n" unless I go back and fix it... And I use I'n a lot I'n sentences.