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Today, I joined a dating website and spent all day filling out and improving my profile. My first match is a guy who relentlessly tried to date me for all 4 years of high school. Now he just has more reasons to tell me how much we're meant to be. We're a 97% match. FML
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  CDS09  |  0

Unless you have some extraordinary reason why you rejected him in high school I would say give it a shot, because either (1) you were wrong or (2) the dating site isnt worth shit....besides, it was high school, most people have matured since then. I would be interested to know why you wouldnt date him, especially since if he stalked you or something it probably would have been mentioned in the original post.

  Reyo  |  2

Maybe you should stop being such a shallow bitch and give the little nerd a chance. You're using a DATING WEBSITE. Do ya REALLY think ya have much room to be picky?

  Elli2_5  |  0

Wow, you don't even know her whole story and you're calling her a bitch? I was also repeatedly asked out in high school by this really creepy guy how would say perverted things to me. So a girl should date him too now?

  InuYasha17  |  0

Do you people have ANY idea what you are saying when you say 'just date him already?'

My friend was stalked by someone she didn't want to go out with, this guy the OP doesn't want to date may very well be a stalker...

If she didn't like him then, chances are good she still won't. People do change, but their base personality is always there... Something that just doesn't change over time...

  thegirl666  |  0

it wouldn't make her look like a hypocrite. I had a crush on my fiancé for 4 years before he gave me a chance. and we were best friends!!! and were planning our wedding!

  katemasen  |  0

I agree, it depends on the situation and his attitude. if he was creepy pervert like, then don't give him a chance. But if it was a sweet little crush she should try it.


Since Michael Jackson is dead, and you said that he ended up better than her, then the obvious solution you are proposing is for her to become "an hero" and kill herself. Am I reading this right?

By  Witchcraft_fml  |  4

So give in and give your stalker a sympathy fuck.

Maybe after you've tried it once, you'll realise he's got the stuff in bed to keep you coming back for more.
And once he's gotten you pregnant from your consistent hook-ups where in he pokes holes in his condoms, he's gotten you tied down forever.

Persistence and determination is everything.