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  Challos  |  5

32: Do I really have to explain this?
When a woman is on her period she loses a lot of blood; hence the need to eat more fattening foods and food in general. The lack of blood makes women tired, and chocolate is just delicious.

  Church_Vii  |  4

Actually, 46, you're wrong. A woman's menstrual cycle is the loss of the blood barrier, the placenta. While that's true, a woman doesn't lose a lot of blood. She loses more along the lines of a tablespoon. The actual "blood" is old placenta tissue being shed and filtered out.

  Aug1508  |  9

No.... Mother nature just has a great sense of humor, because you have to admit its a little funny from an outsiders point of view. Just imagining this situation made me giggle. But it really does suck for Op.