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Today, I realized that my manager and I have synchronized menstrual cycles. She gets extremely bitchy, and I get extremely vulnerable and emotional - she yells at me and I burst into tears. FML
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darawbs tells us more.

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Haha I'm glad I entertained you.

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That sucks! She needs to calm down and you need chocolate :)

Aww! This sounds like the worst sitcom ever.


That sucks! She needs to calm down and you need chocolate :)

Stop recommending chocolate, she will get fat.

18- I would take yoda session anyway, I can never master his way of talking

32: Do I really have to explain this? When a woman is on her period she loses a lot of blood; hence the need to eat more fattening foods and food in general. The lack of blood makes women tired, and chocolate is just delicious.

Periods are like dementors, they suck out your soul one happy thought at a time. Chocolate is the cure for sure!

Actually, 46, you're wrong. A woman's menstrual cycle is the loss of the blood barrier, the placenta. While that's true, a woman doesn't lose a lot of blood. She loses more along the lines of a tablespoon. The actual "blood" is old placenta tissue being shed and filtered out.

Aww! This sounds like the worst sitcom ever.

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Mother nature is somewhere laughing her ass off.. That evil genius lol

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This is an example of pure FAIL. Or, as Eminem would say, what happens when a volcano meets a tornado.

I'm the emotional type and it sucks. If even so much as burn the toaster waffles, I uncontrollably tear up. It's weird to have no control over your body.

And this is why Mother Nature's a bitch.

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No.... Mother nature just has a great sense of humor, because you have to admit its a little funny from an outsiders point of view. Just imagining this situation made me giggle. But it really does suck for Op.

Why not a bitch with a great sense of humour?

That's sounds like a bloody awkward thing you gals are going through.

OP, it sounds to me like you need a cup of tea and a hug...

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There's a button for that. -__-

Well i would asume they would be past or going through menopause so yea...

Woe OP, I feel sorry for your coworkers. Make sure you stockpile misplaced and offer some to your boss lol

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What exactly are we stockpiling? Misplaced feelings? Misplaced midol?