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Today, I was sitting in the park eating a sandwich, when a homeless guy asked me for some spare change. I said I didn't have any. He offered an "erotic striptease" in exchange for my sandwich. I said no. He gave one anyway. I walked back to work on an empty stomach. FML
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By  DocBastard  |  38

Where's Boners to explain about the sandwich's special sauce that the homeless stripper provided? My mind isn't perverted enough to think of anything inappropriate enough here.

  SkoalThugz  |  0

are people complaining about not giving the hobo the sandwich? 1) he didnt ask nicely, he offered a striptease which in my books classifies him as a rapehobo. 2) OP busts his/her back everyday at work to be able to afford this sandwhich, why should this rapehobo expect to be able to just bum (no pun intended) it off op

  Rainbow35  |  6

122: He did ask for spare change first, then when OP said no, he asked for the sandwich, then when OP said no *again* he offered a striptease. Obviously if he kept asking, he was quite desperate.

You do make a good point about OP having worked to afford the sandwich and so on, but sandwiches aren't that expensive. OP could've probably just bought another one later, they're like €3 where I live...

Maybe the homeless guy has tried to get a job before, but the places won't hire him 'cause he's homeless/unqualified/whatever? Just saying.

  chosenen  |  6

He probebly screwed up his own life and even though I think that u should to try to help ppl in that situation, he shouldn't think that it's his right to get other ppls food/money.


89 - Back then, there was no Air Force, there was only the Army Air Corps. The AF wasn't organized until 1947, and even then, the only time that the Air Corps was in the Pacific that i know of was with Doolittle's Raid. Only the Marines stormed Iwo Jima after the Navy softened the Japanese defenses with artillery fire. Any aircraft otherwise were all Navy.

So yes, 58. Failure, indeed!

Also should've punched the man. I would've, anyway.