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Today, I was sitting in the park eating a sandwich, when a homeless guy asked me for some spare change. I said I didn't have any. He offered an "erotic striptease" in exchange for my sandwich. I said no. He gave one anyway. I walked back to work on an empty stomach. FML
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that guy really wanted your sandwich. should have gave it to him. or at least half.

Where's Boners to explain about the sandwich's special sauce that the homeless stripper provided? My mind isn't perverted enough to think of anything inappropriate enough here.


offer the sandwich in return for NO dancing next time... ;)

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Give him a break he's in need of money

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haha !! thats the power of being persuasive!! i might have forgotten how to spell persuasive !! lmao

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haha nooo lucky sammich !! :D

wether OP lost their sandwich or LOST their sandwich, dirty mike still got a meal :D

mmmm sandwich!! I'm hungry...I'm always hungry FML

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twice the flavor almost no calories :D

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You're all so negative, turns out that the striptease was so good, op figured it was well worth the sandwich!

******* asshole give him ur sandwich he needs it more than u. u walked to work on an empty stomach, he lives his life on an empty stomach

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What the hell is wron with you op? Couldn't you at least HALVE the sandwich? Its so mean of you to enjoy that sandwich while a homeless man WATCHES you...

are people complaining about not giving the hobo the sandwich? 1) he didnt ask nicely, he offered a striptease which in my books classifies him as a rapehobo. 2) OP busts his/her back everyday at work to be able to afford this sandwhich, why should this rapehobo expect to be able to just bum (no pun intended) it off op

122: He did ask for spare change first, then when OP said no, he asked for the sandwich, then when OP said no *again* he offered a striptease. Obviously if he kept asking, he was quite desperate. You do make a good point about OP having worked to afford the sandwich and so on, but sandwiches aren't that expensive. OP could've probably just bought another one later, they're like €3 where I live... Maybe the homeless guy has tried to get a job before, but the places won't hire him 'cause he's homeless/unqualified/whatever? Just saying.

all valid points, however when you get down to it- it is op's property and the rapehobo should not expect anything from him.

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haha i love all of you that caught my reference :p

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haha, is it called back alley erotica?

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I would've just enjoyed the show!

Free strip tease right there. Some are expensive, so I've been told.

You should have given him the sandwich. The man was obviously desperate.

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they did give him the sandwich. thats why they went back to work on an empty stomach.

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Or maybe op lost his/her appetite after seeing the striptease.

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Really? It sounds like they just said **** dat because they were too grossed out...

Seriously - it's just a ******* sandwich! It was probably only about 5 dollars..

expensive sandwich... i wouldnt give that away to some bum. Go work and earn your own expensive sandwich!

He probebly screwed up his own life and even though I think that u should to try to help ppl in that situation, he shouldn't think that it's his right to get other ppls food/money.

Yeah, I got the impression that the OP lost his lunch over the sexy striptease.

#25, or she/he spewed up the said sandwich, and there for had en empty stomach?

shouldve punched him or called the cops

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Your picture doesn't exactly match your name.

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YDI for giving him your sammich anyway!!!

he doesn't SAY he barfed. just says an empty stomach.

and he didn't SAY he gave the sandwich either.

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maybe he barfed then gave him the rest of the sandwitch?

that guy really wanted your sandwich. should have gave it to him. or at least half.

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did you like the erotic striptease?

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yes, of course he did. If he didn't, he would have simply ran/walked away. 