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Today, I realized my wedding ring was missing. Turns out, my son had taken it to give to a girl he likes in the second grade. FML
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Try keeping it in a safe place. Or wearing it.

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2 graders are retarded u should smack his ass

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At least he's getting pussy. Who cares about your wedding ring?

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it's ADORABLE :] the little girl will probably either be smart enough to give it back, or she'll show her parents who'll make her give it back. Tell you're sin that you don't mind going to the dollar store to buy his 'friend' a ring

211- that is the worst thing you can say about a 7 year old

#208. I wouldn't want you to have a child. :/

Try keeping it in a safe place. Or wearing it.

Or he took it off her finger while she was sleeping or grabbed it out of her jewelry box

Places that are safe from curious children are sometimes difficult to find (or create.) And maybe the ring was off her finger because she was planning on getting it resized, or it needed cleaning, or the stones needed resetting and she had planned to take it in that day?

She could have been showering or sleeping. I know some people take their rings off to bake.

That's adorable, but it sucks for you.

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that is soooooo cute! how ya gonna get it back?

yeah it's ADORABLE if you like throwing away $7000+ and a symbol of lifetime commitment. beat his ass like a mother, pardon the pun. my sister is in second, going on 3rd grade and she gasped when I read her this story.

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But is is adorable totally something to be pissed about but adorable

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I'm confused how is that a pun?

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The kid got potential, he just needs a little guidence..

This may seem cute, but do NOT let this slide!

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How about you realize, 242, that in this case it's necessary to point out that not letting the kid think this is okay is a thing his mom should do?

YDI for being a bad parent and not being able to teach your son that stealing is wrong. Even I knew that I couldn't take my parents' things before I even started school. **** his life for being born to crappy parents.

#1 hahahahaha. ps. why arent you wearing it, idiot?!

#9 for all we know OP could be single and had it from the previous marriage

She probably took it off four the night and forgot shit happens

People often take them off while sleeping/showering/cooking/doing yard work/etc. so that they don't get lost or damaged, 9.

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Hahaha, my cousin stole my aunt's wedding ring once and did the same thing!