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it's ADORABLE :] the little girl will probably either be smart enough to give it back, or she'll show her parents who'll make her give it back. Tell you're sin that you don't mind going to the dollar store to buy his 'friend' a ring

  springacres  |  5

Places that are safe from curious children are sometimes difficult to find (or create.) And maybe the ring was off her finger because she was planning on getting it resized, or it needed cleaning, or the stones needed resetting and she had planned to take it in that day?

  BeeHappy_fml  |  0

yeah it's ADORABLE if you like throwing away $7000+ and a symbol of lifetime commitment. beat his ass like a mother, pardon the pun. my sister is in second, going on 3rd grade and she gasped when I read her this story.

By  onigiriqueen  |  0

YDI for being a bad parent and not being able to teach your son that stealing is wrong. Even I knew that I couldn't take my parents' things before I even started school. Fuck his life for being born to crappy parents.