By me! - 25/3/2021 17:01

Shiny shiny

Today, my 8-year-old daughter came home from school, saying she had gotten engaged and was wearing a ring. It looked real. Later that night, I got a call saying that their son had given my daughter his grandma's engagement ring. My daughter actually said no to the engagement, but still took the ring, FML
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By  rainbowdonnareed  |  17

Did he take it off his grandmother's hand?
If not why could an eight year old get to it?
Next tell your daughter if a women says no she can't keep the ring.
Oh yeah and she is eight and must give it back

  Yudith  |  20

Just tell her that if she takes the ring, that means she accepted to marry the guy. She said no? Tough chance! She's still got the ring, you will prepare the wedding. She should throw that ring away like it was made of fire ants.