By WiFucked - United Kingdom - Durham
Today, my internet was out and wasn't due to be fixed until at least Tuesday. I'm a grad student with a lot of online research to do and deadlines to meet, so I desperately bought an expensive and non-returnable portable wifi hub. An hour ago, the internet came back on. FML
WiFucked tells us more :
Hello everyone, OP here. I'm surprised this made it in! The main problem with the internet going down when it did was that the library has very limited hours during Easter break and, also due to the holiday, my department and almost all university facilities are closed, which is where I would normally go to get internet if I couldn't have it at home. I also 'could' get free wifi in places like cafes, but often cannot get any meaningful work done in public places where people are being loud and I don't have room for my books, notebooks, etc. I also thought it would be worth it to be able to work at home since I am a night owl and do most of my best work in the evenings, when most places where I could get free wifi would be closed. In addition, the day I submitted the FML wasn't the first day the internet had been out, and I had been having trouble finding a peaceful place to work while being repeatedly told that Tuesday was the earliest I could expect to get regular internet back. It was also a bigger problem because I live in university housing (college) and the internet was out in my entire college AND in the one next to mine, so I figured that I wouldn't be the only one to use the wireless thing (as we all have deadlines to meet and I wasn't the only one upset about this) and the others could chip in for the cost. I wouldn't even have minded shouldering the cost myself if I was actually going to get some use out of the thing because it would have been worth it to be able to work at home, or at least in a more comfortable location than a fast food restaurant or Starbucks. I just thought it was irritating (and funny at my own expense) that the internet picked both the worst time to go out AND to come back on. Since it seemed like a belated and very elaborate April Fool's joke on me, I decided to make something good of it and send it in to FML. By the way, I don't THINK I can return the thing, but I'll be going back in to the shop to check on that on Tuesday, and, if not, as others have said I can always get use out of it while travelling, or if the internet goes out again, which it has before (not at any particularly crucial times before this though). At the very least, now I have a funny story to tell.
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  Repethetic  |  25

#22 and etc. Since its Tuesday that it gets fixed, then yes that makes sense. it would have been Thursday work that put op's internet back up. also, seeming op specified expensive it would most likely have been purchased from one of the shops that are open (like supermarkets) which sell these items, but at outrageous prices. look at the date on the FML.

  Jinxsie  |  27

Most libraries have time limits on their computers. Like it was mentioned, he could have a desktop(though I doubt it). McDonald's can be good option but it might be too distracting. Depending on what he's in grad school for, his load might be too much where he can only do it at home.

I'm sort of in the same predicament right now except the problem is my laptop is being repaired. I'm going to the library tomorrow but I know I would have been done with everything already if I had my laptop with me.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I understand op wanting Internet at home and not having to go out to use it. If op has a lot of work to do, it's better & easier to work at home from your pj's and a couch than having to go out somewhere for 8+ hours. Plus, during his breaks he may want to go on the Internet for other things.