By Anonymous - 25/04/2012 14:33 - United States - Oakland

Today, I finally found the jewelry my two-year-old son had lost when it got lodged in my foot. FML
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airball33 0

Lego's hurt more.

Now the jewelry is a part of you. Literally.


airball33 0

Lego's hurt more.

Diamond Lego's ... :motherofgod:

Lego has brought my family through many hardships throughout my childhood. I will never forgive Lego jaba the hut for what he did to my foot.

Razor blades are far worse

siickman 7

Usually no one complains about blades because blades lay down... Shattered glass...ouch

redmane 21

Ten years ago, my brother was playing with a sharpened pencil and I was standing right by him. He acted as if to stab the floor and stabbed halfway through my foot. I still have a graphite mark from it. Just thought I'd share.

KiddNYC1O 20

Thank you. ^

redmane 21

Thanks for the thumbs down, really.

26- cool story, bro.

redmane 21

I know right? Jesus. It's just a story. Unjustified negative feedback.

Redmane don't get butt hurt over people thumbing down your comment, it's not a big deal.

41- this is my thumb, and here's what I'm doing with it!! *thumbs down* Jeez, calm down; don't act so dramatic.

redmane 21

Sorry, university finals have deemed me sensitive and exhausted and insane. I am not accountable for my actions. I apologize.

What I'm worrying about, is why a two-year-old boy has jewellery.

It's the hard plastic little green army men that have caused me the most tears...

Christmas ornaments hurt the most. Don't believe me? Go watch Home Alone.

71- I hope you step on a lego in the dark, then you WIL change your mind.

Are you threatening the existence of my foot skin?

I hate it when I step on razor blades. They are so painful just laying flat sided like other flat things. I usually keep them on the floors in my house so that they are easily acessible. Never know when you need them, ya know?

Mommyof2_91 10

That is why my kids have foam blocks :)

The dangling modifier there makes it sound like you lost it when it got stuck in your foot. =/

Well, does it match your shoes??

thejewishfuhrer 17

Because, you know, matching her jewelry to her shoes is OP's biggest concern right now.

BunBunBabe 8

I get it number 2, it wasn't a bad comment

Thanks, I don't know why it got bashed haha

A real diamond in the rough.... bunion skin...

katcot99 11

I don't get it, plz explain?

Toe ring or piercing? Details please!

Assuming how the FML said lodged I would say OP has a new piercing. Way to be an innovator OP

Now the jewelry is a part of you. Literally.

Dear Katy Perry, Thanks for understanding my feelings. Sincerely, Plastic Bag

Well at least you found your jewelry!

KiddNYC1O 20

Odd treasure hunt...

Trisha_aus 15

You are a gem

bfsd42 20

OP, are you blaming your 2 year old for losing your jewelery? If so, I am ashamed.

It is known for children to be attracted to shiny things, just like birds. So therefore children are baby birds. Any other argument is invalid.

Metal detecting feet, nice!

perdix 29

How did your kid get lodged in your foot? Are you sure you should be publicizing this? Are you that idiot Octo-Mom?

thejewishfuhrer 17

Based on all your prior comments, I feel like this one Is really witty or something, but I'm just not getting it..

I think perdix is implying that OP called their child an "it", but I'm not sure.

Perdix's comments are so overly witty that he ironically makes them look dull.

I see what you did there...