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  happyturtle  |  16

doesn't mean she stole it... maybe they have relationship in which they borrow things from one another, and the roomate just didn't know the sentimental value of the ring.
stay positive! :D


Who takes jewelry laying around without asking? That's like robbing a store that's closed for the night and stealing everything because it was all just laying around collecting dust


The fact that she just got it is irrelevant. In fact an awful lot of particularly valuable jewelry is valuable because it's old. Whether or not it was "collecting dust" is also irrelevant. It's never okay to take something from a roommate without asking, even if it's not being used. Again, with jewelry, the most valuable pieces are probably worn the least frequently for a lot of people. (I know I'm so afraid of losing the nice things my mother passed on to me that I almost never wear them.)

  tdawg91  |  17

You don't pick your room mates stuff up and wear it as your own just because your room mate doesn't wear it often. I have a very expensive ring that was passed down by my great-grand mother, I would lose my shit if my house mate wore that without asking. If it's not yours, don't take it.... How hard is that to comprehend?

  gobiteme2  |  34

I agree with #47. Personally it doesn’t matter if the ring is old or new. If I had to ask my roommate for the ring back I would have used a pruning shear on her finger so I wouldn’t damage the ring.

By  goddessa9  |  12

OP, this may either be a case of stealing or a case of your roommate innocently thinking it was hers. Unless you told her you were looking for it, she may have thought the ring was hers and worn it by accident

  genericfmluser  |  17

How do you accidently wear someone else's jewelry? I'm sure the room mate isn't so retarded that she doesn't know what her own pieces look like. She's a thief and a bad one at that.