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Today, my sister got her car repossessed. In order to get it back, my mom took $4,000.00 out of my bank account promising she would pay it back within a few months. She lost her job. FML
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Okay im just going to say this now so everyone will get this. I have my OWN bank account that no one has access too accept me. I opened it when i was like 16 and got my first job. I saved the $4000 in a separate account that was in my moms name before i was 16, which i got just from mowing lawns and stuff. So Everyone stop saying "Well your dumb, that's your fault for letting your mom have access to your account". Also im not going to get into details, but it wasn't really my sisters fault, so i don't blame her. My sister and my mom have helped me out with a lot of things too.

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dude, it is not his responsibility to pay for his sister's car. and it's awful that his mother took out his HARD EARNED money for the sister. sounds like OP didn't even get much of a say. that he had savings doesn't mean that he had "money to spare". what if he was saving for his own car?



No, you suck! Nobody gives a rats a** that you're first.

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alexg - this *is* a website devoted to sadsacks, so you're right: people who post "first" shouldn't be mocked in the threads. There should be a whole subsection of the site - or even a separate site - devoted to the firsters - these sad, sad people whose lives suck so bad they have nothing better to do than try to get attention in a thread devoted to someone else's attempt to get attention.


eabod, nobody cares about you being first. you want attention? go grab an M-80 and light it and hold it REAL tight between your teeth. you'll never be forgotten in your town...maybe even county. in response to the did she take $$ from your account? or did you take it out and give her the $$? either way, FYL for being the only one who knows how to save money apparantly in your family, and YDI for being that nice...i wont even give my sister 5 bucks since she crashed MY car.

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honestly, i find it more irritating than the "i'm first" posts, which no, i have never made, when people comment for a page about how no one cares. you're just giving them the attention their going for. it's just like the one's that say "i love how you commented on the first comment to get your comment to the top". it's off topic and not fun to read.

How about your mom feeding you, giving you medicine when you were sick, providing shelter, and not throwing you away when you were first born? That's worth a lot more than 4 grand

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It does suck. But either she's under 18 and it was probably her mother's money to begin with, or she's 18 or older and stupid enough to share that bank account with her mother in the first place.

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If she's working and still under 18 that doesn't make it her mother's money jackass

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Legally, to use your word "jackass", it does. This is why so many child stars sue their parents or try to get emancipated, because legally, that money doesn't belong to them because they are not of legal age to own it.

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doesn't matter. I would not have agreed to this if I were you. Either way, your sister and your mom are not your responsibility. Unless you were pushy for them to take the money they need to own up to their actions and decisions.

I'm assuming that maybe OP was a minor with a trust account or something because the mother took it out , that couldn't have happened if it weren't in her name .

Well, FYL, but there just might be another life in there that's much more F'd

fair enough but if shes looking for another job, I'm sure she will pay it back but will take slightly longer. (that's if shes a good mothers, Ive read about some pretty ****** up mothers).

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I hate people who hate people who say they're first

Well, obviously you had the money to spare. It's not like your mom planned to lose her job or anything, it's not like she was lying to you. It's not like she took the money out of your bank account to spend on gin and male prostitutes. Get over it, you did something good for somebody, quit being so selfish.

dude, it is not his responsibility to pay for his sister's car. and it's awful that his mother took out his HARD EARNED money for the sister. sounds like OP didn't even get much of a say. that he had savings doesn't mean that he had "money to spare". what if he was saving for his own car?


#7 is a fag. plain and simple

oh yes. It's his fault he's hard working and responsible. Some bad luck is one thing, but if his family doesn't work hard it's another. They should have taken out a loan instead of taking his money.

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Compliments to the OP for actually following the page and reposting. Very rare.

if the kid's mother took it out of his account, he was under 18, and mom and dad prolly put the cash in there to begin with.

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I'm under 18 and all the money in my savings acount is mine not my parents so there is a good chance it was this kids hard earned money and thats why hes upset

He was most likely saving that money for college, assuming he's under 18. Regardless he probably should have had a say in what happens to his money.

That's not necessarily a FML for you, but it is for your mom.

how is it not? he's out 4 grand and his mom can't pay him back.

#10 youre a dumbass OP: take the car and sell it because they used YOURE money and have to pay YOU back they cant say SHIT there

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That sucks, but it's not like she tried to make it difficult to pay you back. But then, what did your sister do to get her car repossessed? Maybe your sister shouldn't even be driving... either way, FYL.