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Today, I came out of the closet, after years of fear and shame, thanks to my mom making me to go to a church full of fundies my whole life. In the end, I was in tears. All I got was a frown and a "So? Want a medal or something?" FML
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pleasedie 22

Well at least it went relatively well. Some people are disowned and thrown out for things like that.

At least you have an understanding family


At least you have an understanding family

That hasn't kicked you out... got this from a previous fml

There's understanding and there's apathetic. It's great they apparently have no problem with OP's sexuality but it sucks they were so callous regarding how OP must have felt coming out to them.

splinteredApple 36

I wish my mom reacted the way OPs mom did. My mom was kind of like, "oh, how did that happen?" Now she prays for me because she thinks bisexuality is a choice and will go away.

My mum thinks bisexuality is a lie and I am just afraid to commit to one gender. Strange the ideas people come up with around sexual orientation..

my parents still think im 'their little girl' and that being trans is a choice...

#70 being trans is not a ******* choice. it never has, and will never be a ******* choice. i did not 'choose' to be a man, i am a man. just because they raised me as a girl does not mean that my parents have the right to misgender me, neither do you or anyone else. not a day goes by where i dont wish that i was cis, so that i could look at myself in the ******* mirror and not have an emotional breakdown, so that i could walk down the street without getting slurs and snarky ******* comments thrown in my face. being trans isnt a ******* choice so dont you be going around and saying that it is because i would sell my ******* soul to be cis, even if it was just for a day.

I don't get the importance of "gender/sex". I have never put much importance on my sex (or that of another person). It is not restricting me in any way. I don't care if clothes/other products are in the female or male section. If I like them I buy them. I don't care what it says on the bathroom's door, I will pick the clean toilette and/or the one with the smallest line. The only way I would see it affecting anyone is if I was attracted to someone and they had no interest in my sex. And even when it comes to liking someone, you don't like someone because of their sex, you like them because of their looks and personality. I just wonder, why do you restrict yourself by your sex? Why do you want to categorize yourself so badly? What makes you think your gender is different from your sex? Is it simply because you like things that society stereotypes as something that the other sex should like? People are more than walking genitals, you know. I am asking because I don't understand why people put such importance on sex. I care about it as much as I care what color are the socks they put on that day.

And I hope you took that medal with pride! That's a tough situation to be in so well done for getting through it!

I just wish everyone could just accept everyone else for who they are, instead of making them feel like crap.

ChopSuey444 20

Well it seems to be a sensitivity issue more than an acceptance issue.

tantanpanda 26

I don't know, this seemed to play out better than the many horror stories we've heard. Didn't get shamed, hit, kicked out of the house. To me, I think OP got the better end of the stick.

LolKaleb 14

That's not a big deal. Your family will get over it and understand.

The family seems to have no problem with it. That's kind of the point.

Didn't specify if he/she was coming out as trans/bi/gay, or whatever. The original comment was kinda dumb anyway

I feel this comment has been greatly underrated

pleasedie 22

Well at least it went relatively well. Some people are disowned and thrown out for things like that.

At least she was somewhat understanding. I've seen people get thrown out because of it. Congrats for finally coming out to who you really were, OP. Best of luck to you

truckers_wife 23
ChopSuey444 20

It means fundamentalist. Referring to traditional (especially traditional religious) people.

GeneralMotors 23

It actually means that they have a view of the Bible that it is 100% true. A fundamentalist only believes in the Bible, nothing more. (not all traditional religions are fundamentalist)

OptimusSlime 23

Tbh, that's kind of how people should react. No so rudely but like "I'm gay" "Congratulations I'm straight" Like it shouldn't be such a big deal. Although your family WAS rude so maybe not necessarily the way they reacted.

ChopSuey444 20

Yeah this is sort of how I see it. Most people pray for a nonchalant "So?" response. Not as good as "I'm proud!" but not anywhere near as bad as "Leave my home."

There's a difference though. At least for now, it can be terrifying to come out. Brushing it off like this can still hurt people. Some might prefer that, it depends on the person.

Why would the be proud of their child for being gay?

And if everyone's reaction was that it isn't the end of the world, people wouldn't need to be scared. That's the point they are trying to make.

At least you weren't insulted. However, they could have been more compassionate. It takes a lot to come out with all these judgemental people out there. Well done OP. Live your life.

Mathalamus 24

They appear tone fundamentalist, or associate with them. A neutral snarky response is the best possible reaction from them,