By suhleedah18 / Tuesday 24 April 2012 18:49 / United States
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  Cad6  |  24

YouTube is the only site where music videos are available. I mean, why would they show a MUSIC VIDEO on television. The television obviously isn't for viewing things, only YouTube is. YouTube is the only source of music videos that ever or ever will exist. So we can all safely make the assumption that OP watched this on YouTube. MTV doesn't exist.

PS: You need to practice some English. Lol

  Cad6  |  24

I think they sort of "gave-up" on music a few years back, but I think they occasionally show something or the other. Now it's basically only a trashy show in the shadow of its former glory.

  airforce987  |  20

69 - I've got a great solution for you. Watch the parody of that song (the one featuring Tobuscus) and you'll laugh your head off so much you'll forget how ear-splitting and horrifying the actual song is. Hope this helps! :D

  Heinousness  |  0

I feel you, OP. When I try to make eye contact with my crush, I always end up looking down like an idiot :(

Even though my crush is real, it is still very bad. So sorry. FYL

  Heinousness  |  0

I meant 'in person' real. I see my crush on a daily basis

I think you are just being a grammar nazi(thats what they're called. No offense if you are jewish) and not paying attention about what I was trying to say. FTW( that means 'F*ck the world' not 'for the win', as my frenemies keep saying to my friends(who think its definition 1, not 2)

  Heinousness  |  0

83- I'm just making sure nobody gets confused. My frenemies use FML too :P

Sometimes, I just go in long tangents that get me nowhere. I'm sorry for wasting comment space with my long comments


Yes 35, unfortunately we can. Now quit picking your nose with the hand that's not on the phone.

On an unrelated note, does it bother anyone else when you're talking on the phone with someone and you start hearing farts and flushes on the other end of the line?

  itsame0987  |  18

57 no it doesn't bother me to hear flushes from the other side. When you gotta go you gotta go.

Op why don't you try practicing eye contact in the mirror? Once your comfortable with that start practicing with people you are close to to, family and good friends.

  zachherbert  |  10

He has an issue with keeping eye contact. He realized this while he was on YouTube, and couldn't even hold eye contact with a singer in the video. Does this help?

By  tigrouficele2012  |  44

Eye contact is really unnerving to make and really creepy to receive. Never understood what people liked so much about it. Screw these nonsensical "social conventions" and do what's comfortable.

(downvote city here I come)

  Mauskau  |  35

I dont like it either. I have a good excuse to look away though, I'm 150cm tall and everyone else is much taller. I either get a face of balls, belly button, boobs or shoulder. It hurts my neck to look them in the eye. Also I look past them to distract myself from it. And yes a face of boobs is bad as a straight girl :P

  eb0ny  |  15

I can actually relate. My maths teacher always glares at me and refuses to look away because she knows I have eye contact problems, meh. Life is too short to force yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable.

  evilplatypus  |  37

Eye contact is very uncomfortable for me. When I was in middle school they had to teach me things like eye contact and reading facial expressions.
I still don't make eye contact; I stare at people's noses so they think I'm making eye contact.
I honestly don't even know my own eye color because it makes me uncomfortable to look myself in the eye in a mirror.

  niall92  |  6

I get this too actually, however it also causes me to have difficulty conversing, out of the fear of unintentionally offending someone or making them uncomfortable. OP probably has a form of a social anxiety disorder, which can be treated by a psychologist.

By  br0ccoli  |  14

Good for you, OP. That singer was trying to steal your memories.

However, you looked away too late. Now she knows about the time you walked out of the public bathroom without wiping because there were no tissues. The singer told me.

Haha! Mud butt.

  ClosetTroll  |  10

Yes, I'm afraid so. I tear it off every time I have to use the camera and stick a new one once I'm done. I use more post-its to cover my webcam than I do to write reminders.

I'm beginning to think I might have issues...

  TheBonzaiGirl  |  0

Webcam coverers unite! I'm sure some secret agency that no one knows about can creep on you with them, I keep my cam covered at all times, even at night in case you know... Night vision abilities. D:

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