By storyteller - 04/10/2016 16:29 - United States - Elkhart

Today, I noticed I've been an Amazon Prime member for 2 years and never knew. FML
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Wizardo 33

Someone forgot to end their free trial.

You think you were just giving Amazon an annual $99 tip for just being awesome?


Wizardo 33

Someone forgot to end their free trial.

You think you were just giving Amazon an annual $99 tip for just being awesome?

It's actually like $170 now

JustinJK 21

Is it? I'm locked into like 50 bucks for student.

actually it's $107 after tax I was just billed

Just contact customer service and ask if they could just give you the money back. I know that some might say that it's your own fault and they shouldn't have to refund you, but it was a simple mistake and you didn't actually use their prime services so I think it's fair. And trust me, they would refund you. Their customer service is really good and the employees understand these situations and don't see everything as black and white. I usually talk to them via chat. Plus, you having proof that you didn't use their prime service (I'm assuming) for 2 years would help.

qteabutt 12

Yes this, they are very understanding people, one time my rental textbook got lost in the mail and I was charged with a late fee so I contacted them with chat and the lady was very nice and was able to revoke the late fee charge as well as stopping another late fee to the book.

Once I had a (prime) package that was delayed, but the tracking information still said it was suppose to arrive yesterday. I called to see what was up, just so I could know when I need to be home to get it, and they gave me an extra month of prime for free because it was delayed! It's always worth giving them a call. Even if they can't completely refund you, maybe they'll extend your current membership for free or something. Then you can take advantage of what you unknowingly paid for!

I had the free trial and forgot to end it but I just talked to them and since I hadn't used it they gave me a complete refund

Either you're too wealthy to notice on your bank statement or you just don't check your bank statement.

foxesntea 22

I know I try to avoid my bank statements. I should probably really stop doing that.

Surely after 2 years you'd notice a strange amount going out of your bank account every month?

shortcake563 21

amazon prime is a one time payment once a year for $99

You can pay monthly for Prime too. I believe its 8.99 a month. So slightly more a year.

Maybe it's because I'm poor, but how the hell do you not pay attention to your bill?

Honestly, the money I pay for Prime is easy to overlook... and I've done so. I generally have an idea of where my bill should be in a cycle, but I might miss a $99 charge once yearly. Hell, I just shelled out $500 for tax amendments, $800 for hotel, and $1400 for bar prep, so I might miss a $99 diff. I mean, I do run spot checks but I rarely track every dollar because I dont have to. I occasionally run fill audits though, just to keep credit cards honest.

This post just saved my life, I had 3 days left on my free trial and completely forgot about it

Amazon Prime is very useful around Christmas time. I started my trial in the beginning of December and ended it before January. I would continue to use if it was a monthly subscription or if I shop often.

okamiyazaki 8

Whenever you sign up for a free trial, end it immediately. You can almost always still use the rest of the trial period without forgetting about it and getting an auto charge.

Well fuck you too, OP. Flaunting your finances at us.