By oralMistake - 26/10/2009 18:46 - United States

Today, I failed an oral speech because "I didn't look up once." The problem was, every time I looked up, my teacher looked down. Every time I looked down, she looked up. FML
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Hey, anything oral requires at least one head down ;)

hahah ur nickname made me burst out laughing... if you think about it not about this situation...


Hey, anything oral requires at least one head down ;)

Hahahahaha! That just made my day! Epic Win!

does the game involve you? cause if so, im not interested

Hell yeah. I think I'll pass on that one.

only if your hot. but most likely no.

don't worry #8, some ugly fuck will be desperate and drunk enough to toss in in there for a few minutes before he passes out.

hahah ur nickname made me burst out laughing... if you think about it not about this situation...

TOXI: Who doesnt look up at least once during oral? Plus if the teacher was looking down when he/she was looking up, why couldnt the teacher see him/her?

Ahaha, exactly! Win! I don't look up.

I can't look up if I'm in 69, otherwise I just see balls and feet.

and BUTT!! Oh what was I saying? I am sure you look down though right?

I don't look anywhere when in 69. There's nothing to see. Just focus on the task at hand. Or watch the movement.

Oh but the reverse cowgirl turns into doggy style so quickly. *Sigh*

Not if you throw in a lot of "Yee-haws" during your ride, and if he tries to get up and make it doggy-style, yell, "Bad dog, no biscuit! Down, boy!" and kick him with your spurs. Toxi, you should get your way. Insist on it!

Ehhh, no! I'd rather him take charge. But let's not go into all that.

I guess this is where video taping comes in handy...

I agree. In speeches it is really common that someone tapes it. Unless the speech was in a classroom and it was a project.

I think the OP did mention a teacher? e__e; Der~

And here I thought student + teacher + oral ALWAYS ended up in a perfect grade. EDIT: Wow by the time I posted the joke had already been done... multiple times...

If you talk to much when you are doing it, you can fail. Also, if your dirty talk includes, "It smells down here," "Do you have any infections?" or "This does not taste like any tuna I ever had," you can also fail.

PERDIX y u so funny

Ugh. I can relate. My speech teacher gave me two 40s on a project because I didn't "work as hard as everybody else". Apparantly using an 11x14" posterboard is too small and it wasn't fair for everyone else who used fucking tri-folds...

Maybe you were giving her oral so badly she was embarrassed to make eye contact with you.

i know teachers grading speeches look up most of the time and only look down to glance at/write notes. you should be maintaining eye contact with the audience for pretty much the entire time anyway. YDI for not knowing how to give a presentation.

Of course, there's the other end of the spectrum where you're just staring at each other the whole time. Which is creepy, but at least it gives them the impression that you're listening!

I hate teachers that are unfair douche bags. FYL