By CA19oo - 16/01/2012 03:08 - United States

Today, I went to see one of my favorite bands. When they started playing my favorite song I whipped out my video camera and sang along. As I was reviewing the video later, I realized that I couldn't even hear the band over my horrible singing. FML
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That was you. God I thought somebody was dying.....

Haha. Show it to your friends and tell them the band had a rough night.


Haha. Show it to your friends and tell them the band had a rough night.

Put that on YouTube. I dare you.

Halo Reach PWNS. Not just owns:)

hurry delete the video before you jynk the band and the break up!

That comment made zero sense to me.

Nice to know I'm not the only one confused

*Hurry delete the video, before you jinx the band and they break up!* Even with the corrections it does'nt make any more sense than it did without them...

Omg 45, that's not true about ur mom, is it?

WTF are you talking about?

Oh, goody. More stuff that doesn't make sense. -._-.

she was talking about his profile's bio.

Think of the people next to you o.O And well, to be fair, a concert is never as good on tape as it was live, just cherish the memories of an awesome concert :)

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My, arent you cheery. Are you going to apply that comment to every FML?

Ones that isn't a really FML situation yes

50- Ones that aren't really an FML situation, yes. *corrected punctuation and grammar* Just thought I'd correct that for ya! :)

Put it on YouTube, you'll become a tone-deaf sensation!

Like Rebecca Black!

Or 90% of today's popular artists!

xD Oh boy do I agree with that

That was you. God I thought somebody was dying.....

Hehe this is ur funniest comment evarr!!!

Go buy their CD and let them do the singing.

Just because my singing sucks, doesn't mean I won't do it in the privacy of my neighbors shower.

Next time try to enjoy the concert instead of trying to take a shitty video with your cell phone you'll never look at ever again.

Video camera....OP took out a video camera...

Hell yea 13! Tell his ass!

Learn to read. Last time I checked a cell phone cam and a video cam are two entirely diffrent things...

I don't get why some people choose to see entire concerts through their tiny phone or camera screens. Idiots. Random rant over.

Don't sing if you suck.

Oh I disagree, people who suck at singing give me much amusement... :)

I really want to know what concert it was. And could you imagine what the people around you thought when they got home and listened back to their video!